Midnight Run

One month after her 17th birthday, Kaila Woods meets a girl named Kylie in the forest behind her house. Kylie brings her to The Heart of the Forest where she meet more people, all claiming to be werewolves. They tell Kaila she's one too. They say her Change will happen on the next full moon. But Kaila doesn't believe them.


12. Chapter Twelve

The letter said two hours. It's only been just under two hours when I stop. My watch says 11:57. I sit against the tree to my left. I think my 'creature of the night'  senses are on high. Two miles south, a black bear is eating berries and in the tree in front of me a squirrel sleeps in the high branches. The bushes to my right rustle and three people emerge from them. Two boys and one girl. She wears a blue tank top, black leggings and running shoes. She has a gold necklace like me, hers is a sapphire. Her hair is short and black and her olive skin glows in the moonlight. The boys wear matching camouflage t-shirts with jean shorts with shoes like the girl's. They wear gold bracelets with rubies. The girl steps out of line to speak. 

"My name is Kylie. Come quickly its almost midnight." The boys turn around and run back the way they came. Kylie beckons me, "hurry!" My watch says 11:58. The boys are longs gone but I smell their scents on the wind. "Hurry!" Kylie races ahead of me and I pack on the speed. She stops abruptly at a small opening in a hill. "Through here." She shimmies in but it takes me a second to get through. 

"Woah." The inside is a cave, a huge and beautiful cave. Flowers and berry bushes grow on the ground and the ceiling doesn't exist. It's stars, trillions of miles away. Trees surround the The air smells amazing like flowers, soil and barbecue. More doors lead off of this first room. "Its huge." Kylie is walking through the field. 

"Bigger on the inside" She stops by the far left door.

"Like the TARDIS?" I ask and run to her

"I guess" She shrugs and goes through the doorway. 

The boys that left Kylie with me sit together at the large wooden table. It has scratches and looks old but two more boys sit across from them. All the boys match. The two who where with us stand up. The taller one hugs Kylie then steps back.

"I'm Jack, Kylie's boyfriend. This is Kian, Kylie's brother. He's waiting for you in wolf room".

"The wolf room?" I ask them

"Kylie will take you there." He looks at my watch "OH SHIT! WE HAVE TO GO!" The boys at the table jump up and run after Jack and Kian. I turn to Kylie.

" We have to go now!" Her voice is fierce. She runs out of the room and back into the TARDIS like room. "The wolf room is this way" She points to the end of the field and turns into a blur of speed. I tear after her reaching the room the second my watch says 12:01. 

Kylie is bowing when I run in. The wolf room is amazing. The walls are covered in every drawing of wolves from the beginning of time to now. The floor of the room is a forest and more trees reach into the stary night. A huge quartz throne sits in the middle of the room.

On the throne, a gigantic black wolf. I gasp in shock, realizing its the same wolf from my dreams. There's a girl at the foot of the throne. Her hair is black and braided with silver ribbon and she wears a white and silver dress. Her gold necklace is an garnet. She looks at me then turns back to face the wolf. The wolf sits up and speaks. 

"Kaila. Welcome to The Heart of the Forest." His mouth never moved. He spoke in my mind.

"Who are you, why am I here and what's going on?" I ask. The wolf jumps off the throne. When he hits the ground he's not a wolf anymore. It's a boy in front of me. His skin is a pale olive color and his hair is long, curly at the ends and dark brown. His eyes are brown and he wears jean shorts with a white shirt and bare feet. His bracelet is a amethyst. 

"My name is Jus. I am the Alpha of our pack." 

"Pack? What pack and why were you a wolf a second ago?" More and more questions tear through my mind as he sits back on his throne.

"This is THE pack. Where the wolves that inspired all the werewolf legends and stories. Our pack is made up of of hundreds of werewolves, some are thousands of years old." He motions to Kylie, she stands and comes to rest by his feet. "Kylie is two hundred years old,  Kian is one hundred and seventy three, Jack is two hundred and eight and Helena is eight hundred and fifty"  

"How old are you then, oh great alpha." The silver dress girl stiffens but relaxes when Jus puts his hand on her shoulder. 

"I am three thousand years old." My jaw drops.

"No way! You look nineteen!" 

"Thank you. I was nineteen when I became a werewolf" He laughs. "You look seventeen."

"I am seventeen." I protest. 

"You can be seventeen forever if you want." He snaps his fingers and the stars come alive. They float down and hover around my body. 

"Immortal, i'll live forever like this?" It seams to good to be true.

"You choose when you want your immortality done." Through the stars I see him smiling. His voice call to me and I want to be immortal, now. I break the connection. 

"Not yet." I say as the stars go back to the sky.



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