Midnight Run

One month after her 17th birthday, Kaila Woods meets a girl named Kylie in the forest behind her house. Kylie brings her to The Heart of the Forest where she meet more people, all claiming to be werewolves. They tell Kaila she's one too. They say her Change will happen on the next full moon. But Kaila doesn't believe them.


10. Chapter Ten

It's June 20th. The night before the full moon.

It's 10pm and I walk over to the white box. It looks innocent but who knows whats inside. I rip the tape off and pull the lid. Inside is another envelope, identical to the one taped to the top. I pull it out. Its yellowed on the edges after nine years and the paper inside is heavy. The envelope opens easily and I tug the paper out. I unfold the paper to see my dads handwriting 


It's been nine years. I'm so sorry I left you and Mom but what choice did I have? You're like me, and someday you'll leave your family too. Please, forgive me. I really am sorry.

I know that Lilly will move to Tennessee with you. She wants to keep you safe. Don't hate her for it, okay? She's trying to help.

It was hard to be with your mom. I loved her but I couldn't stay with you two. Eight years was as long as I could last. Every month for a week I left, went to where I would be safe for my Change.

Kaila, this next part is the most important for you to understand.

I know about the dreams. There showing you your life, your future and how you can change it if you dig deep enough.  Don't be afraid of them. The necklace will help.

​On the night of the full moon, your going to feel, different. Take off into the forest. Your heightened senses will help. Move toward the heart of the woods for two hours. Stop. Wait. They will come for you to help. Don't worry and good luck. I love you.


Who will come? What necklace? What happens if I go? The millions of questions I have race through my mind. Bear sneezes. I look in the box again. A gold chain shines from inside. The stone on the chain is a raw emerald. My birthstone. The rock shines in the light from my desk lamp as I lift it out and put it on. I glance in the mirror. The green and gold stand out against the black tee I wear.

For the first time in almost a month, I feel that if I sleep I won't have any wolf dreams. I kick my shoes off, glance at Bear, and slide under my blankets, I'm sleeping in seconds. 




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