Midnight Run

One month after her 17th birthday, Kaila Woods meets a girl named Kylie in the forest behind her house. Kylie brings her to The Heart of the Forest where she meet more people, all claiming to be werewolves. They tell Kaila she's one too. They say her Change will happen on the next full moon. But Kaila doesn't believe them.


7. Chapter Seven

We've been in Tennessee for a week. The pool in the back has been occupied by Bear for most of the week while i've been inside watching him from my window. My room is mostly unpacked expect for the shelves I still have to put up. My boxes of books are stacked by Bears crate. My mom walks outside and gets Bear out of the pool, drying him with a orange towel. Less than a minute later she's in my room with him. 

"If Bear is in the pool, watch him please. I really don't need a dead dog on my hands." She places him onto of his crate with the towel and leaves calling over her shoulder, "We're going out again tonight." I hear her in the living room setting up the mantel over our gas fireplace. My hearing and sight have gotten way better since being here. Moms phone rings and she answers, On the other side of the line it's her friend Charlene. Char's daughter Emma is sick with some sort of flu and she doesn't know what to do. I turn back to my laptop where I'm rewatching season 2 of Sherlock. I ignore Charlene and my mom's conversation thats turned to the new shoes Char bought a few days ago. Bear barks and runs out of my room to the kitchen, bathroom, guest bedroom and around the rest of the house until my mom gets fed up with him and yells at me to take him outside. I pause Sherlock, get up and change into a red and black bikini before grabbing a towel, my blue VS flip flops and the orange towel that Bear uses. I leave my room and walk out into the living room. My mom is pacing the kitchen still on the phone with Charlene. Bear is bouncing around the couch and the chairs. He barks when he sees me and runs to greet me. 

"Come on buddy, lets go for a swim." He follows me to the door and hops out to the the edge of the pool.  I drop the towels and my shoes. I sit at the edge and watch Bear swim. He's always had this thing with the water. He loves it, and he shouldn't be able to swim but he can. 

"I have no ideas what's wrong with you dog." I lay down my towel, and jump in scaring the shit out of Bear."Sorry pup." I laugh as he paddles away looking terrified. 

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