Midnight Run

One month after her 17th birthday, Kaila Woods meets a girl named Kylie in the forest behind her house. Kylie brings her to The Heart of the Forest where she meet more people, all claiming to be werewolves. They tell Kaila she's one too. They say her Change will happen on the next full moon. But Kaila doesn't believe them.


9. Chapter Nine

The dreams continue for weeks until I can't take it any more. It's June 14th. I'm exhausted and I want one night of long, uninterrupted sleep. The note on my desk says the full moon a month after my birthday, three days away. I don't know if I could do anything, I'm so tired all I want to do is sleep for the rest of my life.  Most of my time is spent either trying to sleep or not sleeping at all. For the last two weeks my days are filled with Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural. My nights are filled with wolves.  

My mom wants to send me to see someone. That was an interesting conversation. I told her I have already seen the experts. 

"Who are you talking about?" She looked at me like I was insane. 

"I've been to the Doctors TARDIS and seen Sherlock. I watched the Winchester brothers battle demons. I'm okay mum." 

She called me crazy then went to make cinnamon buns, her comfort food. 

The wolves began to haunt me more after that.

Maybe I am crazy.



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