Midnight Run

One month after her 17th birthday, Kaila Woods meets a girl named Kylie in the forest behind her house. Kylie brings her to The Heart of the Forest where she meet more people, all claiming to be werewolves. They tell Kaila she's one too. They say her Change will happen on the next full moon. But Kaila doesn't believe them.


8. Chapter Eight

My paws run across the forest floor past bushes and trees until I see the edge. I put on more speed until I stop right at the edge. The rest of the forest lays forty feet below the cliff. I can here more footsteps behind me, I know they are coming for me. My eyes scope out the forest below, even if I do live, I'll never get away. We heal fast but not fast enough for me to escape. The footsteps are only coming closer. They will catch up me in the next few minutes if I don't do something to stop them. They crash through the underbrush and surround me, thirteen in total. The silver blue one to my right howls. It's dark eyes stare at me will anger. Seconds later, he comes through, dark fur and all. His eyes are liquid rubies and his fur is matte black. In the light of the full moon, the other wolves fur shines but his doesn't. It shows his true sign as the Alpha. The wolves come in closer and closer until I'm left with just inches of space before the edge. He barks and I understand.

"Come with us. You can be happy with us. Come Kaila." 

His voice compels me in. I want to be happy. I want to live. The connection breaks when I bark back to him.


I back up to the edge and jump. 

I sit up in bed, panting and covered in a blanket of cold sweat. These dreams I've been having, I don't know what they mean. The're not exactly normal. In everyone, I become a wolf. They vary from me dying to him dying to us all living which somehow is worse than anyone dying. The clock beside my bed says 12:07. Bear sneezes in his sleep and wakes up. I look at him, he slowly stands and jumps off his crate. 

'Hey buddy," as he hop's on to my bed, snuggles up to my feet and starts to snore. "Good idea." I say with a smirk on my face

I then turn over and slip back into a deep sleep.

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