Midnight Fall

Seventeen year old Kaila Woods is a werewolf. She found out in July. Its September now and she's starting school again for the first time in nine years. Her newfound friends will be at her school to help her but what about the mysterious Jus, the alpha of their pack or Kylie, who looks like she has a secret but doesn't want anyone to know. What will happen to Kaila when she find out Kylie's secret?



2. Chapter Two

East High School is the school Kylie got me into. Somehow she organized my classes so in everyone I'm with her, Clara or Jack. I don't know how she did it but she got some strings pulled. I think she told me that her non-werewolf friend is a teachers daughter or something.

Jack meets me at the bus stop. Clara is already on. The bus ride lasts about half an hour before where at the school. It's an older building with brick and pillars. Kylie stands in front of the school with Kian and Adrianna. We're all wearing our bracelets and necklaces. Other groups of people stand around the school. Kylie hugs Jack before returning to me.

"Hey, how you feeling?" Kylie looks worried. They all know its my first time at school in nine years. 

"I'm doing okay for now." A bell rings and the people flood the doors heading in. We follow them.

The inside of the school is like any regular high school, lockers, and classrooms. Jack, Kylie and I have lockers 278, 289 and 290. Clara has locker 298 and Kian and Adrianna have lockers on the other side of the building. Kylie shows me how to use my lock. "How do you know so much about schools? Your two hundred years old. They didn't have lockers back then." 

"I've gone to schools before, Kaila." She turns away almost crying. Jack calls me over. 

"We have first period together with Kylie and Clara. Its history." He passes me my timetable and tells me what my classes are. "The only class you don't have with Kylie is art but your with Clara." 

"Awesome, thanks. Kylie, you coming?" She walks over and smiles.

"Yep, lets go learn about boring dead people." Her usual happiness has returned. 



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