Midnight Fall

Seventeen year old Kaila Woods is a werewolf. She found out in July. Its September now and she's starting school again for the first time in nine years. Her newfound friends will be at her school to help her but what about the mysterious Jus, the alpha of their pack or Kylie, who looks like she has a secret but doesn't want anyone to know. What will happen to Kaila when she find out Kylie's secret?



3. Chapter Three

My classes go okay. Kylie is a bit too helpful with the teachers and my classes. We're standing in front of the school with Jack, his friend Jake and Clara waiting for Kian and Adrianna. 

"So your the infamous Kaila i've heard nothing about." Jake is a joker. Like Leo Valdez in The Heros of Olympus. Jack is a bit more Jason, calm, and normal. 

"Yea. Jack hasn't told me you exist either." Kylie smirks and Kian comes over.

"Hey, Adrianna is coming in a minute. She was talking to Mrs. Scott about something."

Adrianna walks out if the school with a girl. Her hair strawberry blonde is medium length and her skin is pale. She's wearing a necklace like ours. It's a peridot, August. Her shirt is black and white. She's wearing jeans and brown boots. She has a black leather bag on her shoulder. 

"Hey, Kaila, this is Candice. She's a wolf too. She spent the summer at her great-great-great aunts house. Your aunt Melinda, right?"

​"Yep, she's about a hundred years younger than me. Your the newest wolf, right?" Before I can answer, Candice pulls out a phone from her bags side pocket. It's an iPhone 5 with a green sparkly case.

"Hold on a sec, its my aunt Cleo." Candice walks away, Kian puts his arm around Adrianna.

"She has three great-great-great aunts, Cleo, Melinda and Jenna. Only Jenna is married. Don't worry she's always like that." Kylie wispers to me. 

"Clara, Kaila, we should go the bus is leaving soon." Jack kisses Kylie's cheek "Bye, guys." A quick fist bump for Jake and Kian and we're leaving. Clara walks beside me. I can hear everything going on around us. Three guys skateboarding, a group of girls chatting about Starbucks and the new shirts they bought, Clara's footsteps on the pavement beside me, etc. It really is a cool thing to have, but when I'm a wolf, its tripled. So is my sight and speed. 

The bus is just up ahead, Jack is already sitting and talking to a boy with glasses and a blue shirt by the time Clara and I get on. I sit across from Jack and the blue shirt boy. The bus takes off causing Clara to fall on me. She sits up and moves over me before sitting by the window. Jack is laughing with blue shirt boy and Clara has a look of disgust on her face. 

"That's Riley, he's a wolf and we used to date. Then I dumped him because he's a selfish dick." 

​"I didn't know there was that many wolves." Jack and Riley are laughing again.

"There's a lot more than you know, Kaila. About a two hundred of us worldwide. One hundred in North America, fifty in and around Europe and another fifty everywhere else." She moves closer to the window.

"That's a lot of wolves." I scoot over closer to her. 

"Yeah, it is." 



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