Midnight Fall

Seventeen year old Kaila Woods is a werewolf. She found out in July. Its September now and she's starting school again for the first time in nine years. Her newfound friends will be at her school to help her but what about the mysterious Jus, the alpha of their pack or Kylie, who looks like she has a secret but doesn't want anyone to know. What will happen to Kaila when she find out Kylie's secret?



6. Chapter Six

My hair falls down my back in curls. I'm wearing a black dress that's ripped and in tatters. The sequins fall off and land on the fallen leaves. The trees stretch out in font of me for miles. I run through them as the moon rises high and high in the sky. The searing pain claws at my body, trying to force me down to the ground. I hold it back and run faster. The footsteps and shouts echo behind me. They're closer than I thought. The pain comes again, worse this time. It pushes me back. The other are already closer to me. The cliff is in my sight, exactly 2.7 miles away.  I stop on the edge, no where to run, no where to hide. I drop to the ground on the edge, almost falling over. The third pain comes. I almost fall over the cliff as my vision blurs everything into red. It fades and I stand tall as a wolf. They are in front of me. He moves closer to me. When he speaks, his voice is compelling and I want to obey. 

"Little wolf." The words drip from his mouth like blood from a vein. "If you Turn, you would never feel alone again, never feel pain or loss or sorrow. You would be happy and immortal." 

I bark out the words. "Um, no. One i'm already immortal unless I take my life or I fall in battle and two, like hell I'll join you"

The chain around my neck snaps. The emerald falls to the trees below the cliff, casting a pale green light until it hits the ground. The centre brightens for a split second before it dies. Nothing but a harmless rock. 

"Goodbye, losers." My last words as my body falls, the same way the emerald did. Twisting and turning through the air, my body incased in the pale green light before everything goes black.

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