Midnight Fall

Seventeen year old Kaila Woods is a werewolf. She found out in July. Its September now and she's starting school again for the first time in nine years. Her newfound friends will be at her school to help her but what about the mysterious Jus, the alpha of their pack or Kylie, who looks like she has a secret but doesn't want anyone to know. What will happen to Kaila when she find out Kylie's secret?



1. Chapter One

It's September tomorrow. I start going to a public school again for the first time in nine years. I've been homeschooled since I got expelled from kindergarten for a biting a kid. Even though Kylie, Kian, Clara, Jack and Adrianna will be with me I'm still freaking out a bit. Bear licks my foot, and I grab his leopard print leash off my desk. I attach it to his collar and slid my VS flip flops on. 

"Bye, mom. I'm taking Bear for a walk."  I yell at my mom who's sitting outside by the pool. I walk out the door and run into Jack. "Oh, hey. What's up?" Jack is Kylie's boyfriend and one of Kian's best friends. 

"Not much. Taking Bear for a walk?" Bear is jumping around Jacks feet. 

"Yeah, he hasn't been out much in the last week. Wanna come?" I start walking down the street. Jack walks beside me.  

"How you doing with the whole school thing?" Bear stops to pee on a bush.

"I think I'm okay. You guys are all helping me out tomorrow, so I'm good." We turn a corner.

"Yea, one of my friends, Jake, is a wolf too. He'll be their but he's a grade above us."

"How old is he?" I ask. 

He laughs, "He was twenty when he become immortal, three hundred years ago." 

"But Kylie is twenty and she's still going." I protest 

Jack laughs again "Yep, she's saying she's seventeen so she can be in your classes." 

"Nice, no, Bear don't eat that."  I shoo the dog away from mushed berries in the grass. We walk in silence until Jack's phone rings. 

"Give me a sec, its Kylie." He speeds up.

"Tell her I say hey." He does and than hangs up. He slows down and lets me catch up. 

"Clara fell out of the tree." My house is back in view. 

"Oh my god, is she okay?" Bear freaks out when he sees the house. 

Jack laughs, "yeah, its not the first time. She fractured her wrist though. She has a brace for the next week." 

"Week? It takes about a month for something like that to heal."

"For every two weeks for humans, its only one week for werewolves."  We stop at my house.

"Healing powers, fun." I open my door.

"It helps sometimes. Bye Kaila." Jack walks away.

"See ya, Jack." I close the door to my house. 




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