Midnight Fall

Seventeen year old Kaila Woods is a werewolf. She found out in July. Its September now and she's starting school again for the first time in nine years. Her newfound friends will be at her school to help her but what about the mysterious Jus, the alpha of their pack or Kylie, who looks like she has a secret but doesn't want anyone to know. What will happen to Kaila when she find out Kylie's secret?



5. Chapter Five

I'll change again on July 20th. Kylie has me 'prepare' for it by getting facials with Adrianna, Clara and Candice. Candice is exactly like Caroline Forbes in series one of The Vampire Diaries. She even does hair hair the same way, blonde and curled. 

On the nineteenth, Kylie, Clara and Adrianna are at my house for some late night Doctor Who.

"So, you've never actually seen more than one episode?" Kylie is flopped over my bean bag chair by my window, Clara is sitting on my floor and Adrianna is in my desk chair. 

"No, Adrianna's never even seen one episode. And then there's Clara."

"OH MY GOD! I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!" She's wearing black leggings with blue TARDIS's on them.

"I KNOW RIGHT!" My fangirl bestie.

"AND TENROSE THOUGH!" She even has the same merch me.


"Of course you do, I'm fabulous." 

Kylie looks at us like we're insane. Adrianna is holding my adipose doll.

"What the hell, is this?" She puts it back and picks up my Cyberman head. "And what the hell is this? And this?" She has my dalek. 

"It's an adipose, a cyberman head and a dalek. Learn your Who." Clara grabs the dalek and puts it back. "Ooh, let's watch The Girl in the Fireplace."

"Best. Episode. Ever." I click the episode on on my laptop and it starts playing. 

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