When sparks fly...

Bad girl Valentina and good boy Andrew, are destined to live separate lives. But what if neither of them are as happy with there destiny as they pretend to be? And when sparks fly how is Valentinas gang member boyfriend going to react? A story of self discovery, and impossible love- and more importantly, it involves two devastatingly hot guys fighting over a girl ;) xx


1. This is why I don't like science.

I slammed my locker shut, and leaned back against it, my hips jutting out provocatively and my books clutched to my stomach. Jorge grinned at me, hooking his finger in a loop on my low slung black jeans.

"What do you want Jorge?" I let his name roll of my tongue, observing him from under heavy eyelashes. His hand made its way underneath my leather jacket, to the small of my back and his yellow cat eyes glittered dangerously. Leaning forward, he moaned in my ear,

"Do you have to ask, valentina?"

"Say it," I demanded, ignoring his pathetic nuzzling that would make a weaker kind of girl swoon- I was made of stronger stuff. He smirked at the crowd of stragglers watching us unashamedly, before Pulling me closer and - happy to have an audience- whispering in that heavy latina accent of his,

"You," I let his lips linger on the hollow of my neck for a few moments longer.

"No," I stated. Jorge took a while to compute what I had said... "What?" He growled.

I strutted away from him, tossing my unruly ebony mane behind my shoulder and swinging my hips. "Have fun Jorge"

"You'll want me back- you always do!" His laughter echoed hollowly at my retreating figure. I heard him slam his fist into a random locker -which had better of not been mine- but didn't look as I turned a corner towards my classroom.  Drama queen.

I ran my blood red talons along the drab beige paint of the science corridor, taking it upon myself to improve my schools decor- before almost tripping over kingly highs biggest tramp. "Ah, we'll if it isn't my favourite child prostitute," I grinned widely, lowering my nails to my side.

"Head cheerleader" Emily Whitmore corrected, flanked either side by her tiny moron disciples.

"Oh yes, I remember prostitutes are the slags that go around sleeping with every guy they meet, wearing trashy cheap clothes with absolutely no dignity, education or future, and cheerleaders are the one ones which- wait, what was the difference again?"

She pulled at her stupid little cheerleading outfit and shook her blonde pig tails furiously, whilst her midget followers narrowed their eyes accusingly. "Take a picture it lasts longer," I drawled languidly.

"Why would I want to look at a stupid little tramp like you, any more than I have too?" Emily spat. I put my hand on my hip, towering over her threateningly.

"No one said that you had to look at all, but if you must then go ahead; You're only human... Well, half human,"

"I heard you broke up with Jorge, so you better watch your mouth," Divine broke in, smirking and dangling her stupid blackberry inches from my face.

"Whys that?" I grinned sweetly not bothering to look at what she was trying to show me.

"We'll who's going to protect you now, bitch-face" Juliet grinned, flashing her pearly white teeth at me.

"The better question is who's going to protect Jorge now," I smiled, before waving at them and waltzing into bio, leaving Emily a lovely shade of tomato red. "Maybe I will" she called after me. I laughed out loud.

"Don't worry sir," I grinned before Mr Lucas could speak, "No excuse, just felt like a fag- would you like one?" I enjoyed pushing teachers to their limits, it was the only reason I came to school,

"No." He said sharply, avoiding eye contact, "just take your seat and try not to be destructive miss Marquez"

"Your loss," I smiled deviously, taking my seat on the last empty desk, throwing my leather bag on the science stool next to me. Mariana, my best friend since for ever (we're both Latina, in a town which is mostly white, so we grew up in the same neighbourhood) gave me a funny look from across the room .

My phone vibrated, so I took my it out and held it in front of my face obviously. You don't even smoke, what were you doing?-Mari. Across the room, Mariana laughed questioningly, shaking out her brown-black curls. I shrugged as she continued to furiously type, until my phone went off again. Wait, is there any point in asking actually; or should I just check twitter? She grinned, looking slightly worried. Unlike everyone else, Mari worried for me constantly, which just made me feel guilty- with 3 sisters to care for and a good for nothing daddy to worry about already, her best friend shouldn't be adding to her list of worries.

Just breaking Jorge's heart and infuriating some midget puta's, I flippantly replied on my iPhone, trying to erase the crease in her forehead that told me that she didn't believe me for one second. I leaned against my fist, completely ignoring Mr Lucas's lecture. The usual then? ;) She texted quickly, accepting that I wasn't ready to talk, before turning back to stare assertively at sir. I smiled at my best friend.

"The usual," I sighed to myself, resting my head against my arms and staring out the window next to me.

"Mr Knight" Sir nodded roughly two minutes later. "Take a seat, I'll talk to you afterwards" For once I wasn't the last person to arrive to class- how annoying. Andrew Knight was only a few minutes later than me. But seeing as he had an exemplary attendance,  a place on every school team possible (including football, debate and media) and a popularity score that could make you feel dizzy; everyone wanted to know why he arrived thirty minutes late, black eye in tow.

"Sir," He nodded, waltzing into class like blood dripping down your face was totally blasé and normal. How portentous could one guy get? Everyone stared at him like he was some kind of hero whilst he took his time finding the last seat in class left... next to me.

God, I hate kids like him- always pretending to be so perfect, so ashamed of their imperfections, that they live a lie. I watched him unashamedly, making eye contact the whole time. I never hid my flaws- I was a slut, I couldn't concentrate in class, I was poor, I was a thief, I drunk to much and hurt everyone I came in contact with. So what; I don't need to hide that, because I'm not scared of who I am.

It wasn't just that... For some reason I couldn't stand the way he walked either- all broad shouldered and casual, yet had these dark troubled eyes that made all the girls at kingsly high swoon. Seriously? The most trauma he's ever experienced is probably getting an A instead of an A*. He moved my bag to the floor like it was a bag of garbage, and fell into the seat beside me... I'd never spoken to him before, but I felt the sudden urge to pull it out before he sat down, so that he'd fall on his arse.

"Valentina" He nodded, smiling arrogantly at me, and halting my inner rant.

"Huh," I snorted turning my back on him, making out I had no clue who he was. Where I came from, guys wore gang tattoos and scars, if he thought one black eye made him like tough then he was a bigger burro than I had originally thought.

I picked my bag up from the floor and placed it on the desk between us. Unable to stop myself, I glanced to see his reaction, expecting to see some sort of hurt in his piercing blue eyes. But all I saw was amusement as he smiled at me momentarily, before reaching for his phone. That was when my heart did this little jumpy thing. God, get a grip Valentina I told myself sternly- his Andrew knight, for chemists sake. Your heart does not jump when you see Andrew knight.

"Right class, if you could stay in your partners for the experiment, please," Sir mumbled a little later, shuffling some papers around on his desk. I looked up startled. Everyone instantly started moving, but I had no idea what the experiment was; I wasn't asking and sir wasn't volunteering the information so I left it at that.

I don't think Andrew noticed anyway, his phone was crazy-out-of-control buzzing with text messages. Probably people sending him trillions of pathetic messages about his eye. I mean, so what if he had perfect skin and a killer jaw line, with those thick brooding eye brows... And that dark to tousled hair... And that body...? Ugh, he was such a pretty boy. I quickly stole another look at his electric blue eyes, startled to realise he was already looking at me

"Huh, no wonder Jorge seemed so pissed," He smirked quietly, finally looking up from his iPhone, so that he could hold it out for me to see, over my bag. I glanced at it for a few seconds before smirking. His twitter feed was clogged up with loads of tweets and re-tweets about my earlier fight. "Oh my god, major fight between Jorge and Valentina", "Valentina's been sleeping around again,". "Jorge was totally crying #heartbreaker" ,"How good did her arse look doe?" . The last one made me laugh, the rest were total mierda!

What massive fight? Jorge no way cried! And Jorge knew I wasn't just sleeping with him... that was the problem, he didn't care who I went with or how I felt, as long as he could use me for sex when he wanted. Sometimes, his lack of caring was a turn on, sometimes I just felt abused- not that I'd ever tell him that.

"It's a natural talent," I grinned sarcastically, before letting my silky black hair waterfall over my shoulder to create an extra divide between us, and examining my perfectly shaped red talons intensely.

"Oh, so you usually make people cry then?" Andrew's voice held a hint of humour in it, but upon noticing I wasn't in on the joke, he had the nerve to push my hair behind my ear. I wrenched my head back.

"Touch me again, and you'll find out," I put as much venom as possible in my voice but he seemed unfazed.

"Touché," He laughed, satisfied to have provoked a response out of me.

"Yea, well I haven't had the best day," A familiar defensive edge crept into my voice. I had gone through today like a wrecking ball: maxing out Pablo's credit card, that I nicked from him last week when I slept over (which he will not be happy about). Dumping Jorge, picking fights with everyone I crossed paths with. I was born with a tendency to have disastrous -or pleasant- mood swings, although the latter seemed to be less frequent lately.

"Ah, you finally found out that Jorge is a cross dresser then, I've suspected it for ages- its the hair cut that gives it away." His deep voice rocketed me back to the present and I was surprised at the laughter that I had to contain, bubbling up inside of me at the thought of Jorge and his buzz-cut hair style, traipsing around in drag. But I'm almost certain that Andrew caught a glimpse of the smile that played on my lips, for about half a second, that is.

"Some of us, have real problems," I sighed, acting as though he was an idiot.

"I do," He answered sincerely.

"Like what?"

"Well, I'm going to fail bio, if I spend the term sitting next to you,"  Whilst he creased up laughing at his own stupid joke, I huffed and jumped of my stool in annoyance, making my way over to the only space left of the long counter that lined the wall, next to a dozen other pairs- to hide the fact I was smiling. Once there I fiddled with the apparatus that had already been laid out, pretending to attempt the science experiment when in reality I had not the fuzziest idea of what I was doing.

"I'm glad you've taken what I've said into consideration, if you remain this obedient, I think I can groom you into a half decent partner by the time we take our GCSE exams." He mocked, coming up behind me and peeking over my shoulder to look at the mess I was making.

"I am surrounded  by corrosive chemicals and you think this is a good time to call me obedient?" I threatened menacingly, keeping my back to him and rearranging the little pots of chemicals in front of me.

"I'm surprised." He nodded, making his way round to my side, so that he could take a closer look at what I was doing. I caught a whiff of his aftershave - pine maybe?

"About what?" I questioned, using my body to counteract his movement and conceal the  experiment again. My breath caught as I realised how close this made me to him... With my back right against his solid chest an-

"That you know what corrosive means," He whispered. I stepped down on his foot, hard. But I was secretly grateful for a chance to diffuse the tension between us.

"Ow," he complained. I don't blame him- my heels were particularly spikey today. Good. Serves him right. I prepared to return to my moving of little pots and pretending to know what I was doing but mid step I was caught round the waist and pulled backwards...

"Maybe I should take the lead in experiments from now on?" Andrew suggested light-heartedly, still wincing a little. I mumbled something that sounded like whatever, but could have also have passed for a grunt. Laughing he squeezed past me to totally un-colour coordinate the little pots I had just spent all my time colour-coordinating. Fine. Whatever. I crossed my arms and glanced at his experienced hands adding a liquid to each of the test tubes sat out in front of us.

"What are you adding?" I mumbled, feeling like an idiot.

"Hydraulic acid, we're testing the reactivity of metals." He smiled, going through the stages of the experiment breezily, even though he'd come half way through class and then proceeded to ignore sir... I put it down to witch craft.

"Those little rock things are the metal, right?" I poked one of them apprehensively.

"Yeah -you can add that- just a bit to each test tube; I need to wash my hands," I shrugged but he was already walking over (well- limping over) to the sink. hmmm. I picked up a little pot.

"Sodium," I read out loud. I shrugged again and undid the lid, using the miniature shovel to scoop out the little rocks- was that enough? The mini shovel I was supposed to use was so small, I decided to tip it out instead.

"Val, what metals that?" Andrew asked, making his way back to our little set up.

"Sodium," I replied, pouring it in the test tube merrily.. this was actually not as dismally boring as I'd expected. His hand on my shoulder made me loose my concentration and I poured in a little more than anticipated. Oops.

"Wait, No-" That's when the little test tube decided to explode...The obliterated rocks almost immediately flew out the shattered test tube in flaming particles, showering the surrounding area, and completely shattering the glass tube. It happened all at once and the sound was deafening.

"What the fuck?" I had jumped back into Andrews strong arms and now I couldn't remember how to untangle myself from them... Everyone's attention was turned on us due to my piercing scream (Although I think the little fire works show I'd put on had been enough to get their attention anyway), and I. could. not. breathe.

"Val? Val? Are you OK? Calm down, calm down, shh" Andrew repeated over and over, holding me tightly to his comforting body. I buried my head in his warm chest and gasped for air. I. can. not. breathe.

"What in god's name?" Mr Lucas voice sliced through the silence in the room , as he ambled over to see the source of the screaming and sparks.

"Office, now- both of you,"... This is why I don't like science.



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