It Was Fate (Austin Mahone fanfic)

What happens when Marisa bumps into the one and only Austin Mahone at the jingle ball concert. Will they stay friends or fall in love?


3. That's SO Cute! Ch3

For my outfit I picked out a black long sleeve shirt with a white scarf, light colored jeans and my brown ugh boots. Okay they aren really if boots but they're the knock of brand, I mean COME ON! Who is gonna pay $150 for a pair of boots. Not me! Shayna picked out a pink short sleeve V neck with a gray colored tank top underneath with a black scarf, dark colored jeans and her knock off brand ugg boots. After she picked out her outfit I grabbed my pajamas and my towels and went to take a shower. The shower is my thinking space. No one else except for and my thoughts. I did all my shower duties and just let and the steaming water run down my back. All my thoughts were swirling through my head. I was just about to get thinking but then I remembered Shayna still needs to shower. I got out and stepped into fuzzy pink pajama pants with my solid blue t-shirt. I brushed through my hair and brushed my teeth. When I walked out of the bathroom all I heard was, "Jeez! You took forever!" And with that Shayna stepped into the bathroom. I payed on my bed and went on to Instagram on my phone. Nothing new just teenage girls trying to get boyfriends. One word DESPERATE! I went into the explore part of Instagram and typed in 'Austin Mahone.' *Sigh* he hasn't posted anything new. I exited out of Instagram and went to call my sister. She's 26. I haven't talked to her very much lately. I miss her and her family. Her husband is 27 and my nephew is 5. My nephew and I share the same birthday. He was born on my 12th birthday. I pushed 'Amanda' to call her. It rang a couple times. Was it weird to be nervous calling your own sister? "Hello?" She answered.

"Hi, it's me."

"I've missed talking to you."

"I've missed talking to you too. I've just been busy with school. You know last year of high school."

"I know it feels like just yesterday you were starting kindergarten. Where has time gone?"

"We could hang out after tomorrow. Just you and I."

"Sounds great! Hey but Marisa I gotta go. Jeremy just woke up from his nap."

"No it's okay. Tell him I love and miss him. I love you Amanda."

"I love you too."


"Bye." I heard the shower turn off so got an AMAZING idea. After a few minutes I heard Shayna's toothbrush turn off so I ran behind a corner and waited. She came out and I jumped out.


AN: sorry I didn't update yesterday. But since it's the weekend I'll be able to update more. I love you guys!

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