It Was Fate (Austin Mahone fanfic)

What happens when Marisa bumps into the one and only Austin Mahone at the jingle ball concert. Will they stay friends or fall in love?


7. Ch 5


I woke up to a pillow making contact with my cheek. The I hear a groan of annoyance with "Get up Marisa I'm hungry!"

"You know where the food is. You go eat while I sleep." Then my body was dragged out of my warm bed and I hit the floor.

"This is your last chance Marisa. Get up or I'm going to drag you down the stairs." I groaned with obvious annoyance in my tone and dragged my body up off the floor and trudged down the stairs. When I got to the kitchen I got two bowls out and got us some cereal. Shayna looked at me with a satisfying smirk. I rolled my eyes at her and walked to the table. We looked at each other and burst into laughter. Because we were laughing so hard we struggled to eat. Shayna took a bite of cereal and she laughed in the middle of it so the cereal came shorting towards my face. Then we really bursted into laughter. I put my bowl in the dishwasher and walked to the bathroom so I could get the milk of my face. Soon after I walked up the stairs to get ready. Shayna was already dressed when I got into my room so I changed and turned on my wand. Shayna walked in and turned on her wand. We both did our hair while we jammed out to Austin's music.


We said goodbye to my mom and hopped into my car. We drove in silence until Shayna said, "Shall we make a quick stop at Starbucks?"

I looked at her and smiled, "Indeed we shall." I made our way over to Starbucks.

5 minutes later I pulled up to the drive through window. "Do you want the same as always Shay?"

"Yeah please." She replied.

"Welcome to Starbucks what can I get for you?"

"Hi, can I have a large caramel frappe and a large chocolate chip frappe."

"Is that all?"

"Yes thank you."

"Okay that's $11.25." We pulled up to the window an payed. Soon they gave us our drinks and we made our way to the jingle ball.

AN okay I know that you guys all probably hate me right now but I have a serious case of writers block. I know that I promised to update a lot over my winter break but I got busy with family and stuff. But then I was going to update then I went and spent the night at a friends house for 3 days an saw Believe Movie twice. I hope you guys keep on reading my story. Thank you for all the reads, likes and favorites it really means a lot. I love you guys!!

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