Half Blood Heroes: The Desirables

A sequel to Half Blood Heroes (By my friend @maceo Check it out before you read this. She's amazing). The children of the demigods must join together to find something that has been lost. Lost by one of them. One of them that does not know. Lost by the Granddaughter of Zeus.


1. Prologue




Thalia threw her scarf across the Zeus cabin. It was a year since she had been revived and she didn't feel welcome. Of course there were the Huntresses here but that wasn't the issue. Well... maybe it was. She lay on her bed and closed her eyes.

"Maybe if you show some respect people will actually want you here!" Yelled a girl with dark hair. Her brown eyes glowing with rage. "Zoe, stop" Said a black haired Demeter child, her hand resting on Zoe's shoulder.  Zoe grabbed her hand and flung it away. "Just go back to your stupid immortal land!" Yelled Thalia on the verge of tears. "At least we don't have undead children who should've just stayed dead in the first place!" Yelled the huntress. Her chest was heaving, her face red with anger and her lip twitching as if she was about to say something else.


Her eyes snapped open. She felt more neglected than ever. Walking across to the window, she saw Annabeth and Percy playing a board game. A smile spread across her face as she saw Percy flip the board with rage. He then picked up the pieces and looked awkwardly at Annabeth. A second later they were both in hysterics. It was getting dark out and everyone was making their way back to their cabins. By 9:00 all of the cabin lights were out. Thalia walked to her little corner where The huge Zeus statue couldn't see her and climbed into her bed. She rolled over facing the wall and closed her eyes. There was a cracking sound and a dim glow suddenly filled the room. She reached for her bracelet under the blanket, ready to retract her shield at any moment. A soft whisper echoed through the walls? "Lightning child?" Thalia wriggled around in the bed, still with a tight grip on her bracelet. "Zoe?!" she hissed. "I-I ... Yes." said the girl looking sad. Thalia sat up her grip loosening. "look, I'm so Sorry. It's just my father.. was a titan. I get that from him." She looked at the floor ashamed. "You didn't mean all that stuff you said?" Asked Thalia uncertainly. "No." Replied Zoe. Thalia's eyes widened. She whipped round and ripped a picture of Zoe with a pen mustache and the words Cerberus breath off of the wall. Zoe looked at her shocked, obviously seeing the picture. Thalia winced. "I-It was just a..Joke." She said scratching her head. Zoe whipped something out of her pocket. "Not a gun, please not a gun or anything that could hurt!"


Thalia held her breath. A crumpled up piece of paper fell to the floor. The girls looked at each other. Thalia dived. Zoe dived. Their heads collided but Thalia grabbed the paper and leaped up on to her bed. She unfolded the paper giving Zoe a suspicious look. Zoes face went red. Maybe it was just out of anger or where Thalia had smashed her head into her own. On the paper was a funny drawing of Thalia. "Ha," Thalia grunted. "Funny." Zoe raised an eyebrow. "Even?" She inquired. "Uh yeah, sure" Thalia answered handing the paper back to its rightful owner. "Why are you here?!" She snapped. It was late and yeah, it was nice having an apology but sleeping would be better. Zoe fished around in her other pocket. "Oh my god." Thalia groaned smacking her palm onto her forehead. "I thought we were even!" Zoe pulled out a small parcel and placed it into Thalias hands. Thalia ripped the paper open. Inside was a bead. Like the beads at Camp Half Blood on the camp necklaces. It was red and pink with a swirling mist inside. There was a faint glow, lightning up the small corner of the dark cabin. Zoe smiled faintly. "I know about Luke" she said. "You dont know anything.." Thalia retorted. "If I didn't I wouldn't give you this." Zoe said softly. "I know that you want to raise a family and be together... I know that you can't do that as Kronos gets more powerful.. So whenever Luke wears this.. He will resist himself and stay sane, Kronos far, far away from his soul." Thalias eyes lit up brighter than the bead. "This can save him?!" "Yes." Zoe replied smiling. "Where- How did you get this?" Thalia asked her eyes fixed on the bead. "Its a titan protector.. in case my father tries to..."Zoe said her smile fading. "you need this Zoe!" Thalia said now looking thoroughly worried.  "No, no I will be on a quest soon. he cannot reach me then." Thalia could not tell whether Zoe was trying to hide something she knew. "I simply cannot let you watch your loved one be destroyed inside." Zoe said quietly blinking as if about to cry. "my present to you." She tried to smile and walked out of the cabin and across the dark camp.  


Thalia smiled although her head hurt with mixed emotions. She put the bead into her drawer and locked it. She rested her head on the pillow and fell asleep.





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