Half Blood Heroes: The Desirables

A sequel to Half Blood Heroes (By my friend @maceo Check it out before you read this. She's amazing). The children of the demigods must join together to find something that has been lost. Lost by one of them. One of them that does not know. Lost by the Granddaughter of Zeus.


3. Don't mess with monsters

They  were purely playing in the park. Their parents had only gone off for a while and anyway, they were old enough to survive on their own for at least two minuets. "Dynami! Stop being so violent!" Shouted Chrysos from across the park where she was learning science from Sofos. "Hey!" Dynami yelled back "Who's older?" Chrysos racked through her brains for a good comeback. "Well, who has a mum?" Dynami reached for the bead hanging loosely on her chest. "Chrysos!"Omorfia yelled. "You can't say that! Poor Dy!" Omorfia ran over to Dynami. She considered the bead Dynami was currently twisting in her fingers and said; " Where is that from? Its beautiful." Dynami began to cry. This was an unusual event as the girl was made from tougher stuff than most adult demigods. "It's from mum." She said meekly. "She gave it to me before-before she..." Omorfia rubbed her back and said "We know it's hard."

"Alright there girls?" Came a soft voice. Omorfia looked up expecting to see her mum or aunt, but she saw something else. Something so beautiful and elegant it could not be human. There was a lady standing before them with cinnamon curls tied up high and soft pale skin. Her dress was made of flowing white silk and had a gold trim. There was one odd thing about her though, on her back she wore a shawl of green snake-skin. Her eyes traveled to the sword by Dynami's side."So you like swordplay then dear?" She asked. Dynami nodded and the women offered a duel. Dynami was confident when it came to fighting and was so good she  fought often with adults.

She picked up her sword- which was called fýlakas nekroú (Death Watch) and slashed at the air. She then crouched down in a stance her father had taught her when she was tiny.  The lady drew her sword, an elaborately decorated Stygian iron blade. Dynami, though frightened of the black blade, kept her ground and showed off by twirling her sword. The woman lunged and Dynami met it with the perfect parry. The fight went on for a while, and Dynami was certainly winning, the lady was getting angry and suddenly something extraordinary happened. A hissing sound began to fill the air and the beautiful lady slowly transformed into a grotesque monster. She had talons on the end of her fingers, her eyes were slits, her skin was green and scaled and her nose was flat.

Dynami's sword clattered  to the ground and she stumbled backwards. Omorfia screamed... loudly. Chrysos ran quite far out. The only girl that showed true courage was  Sofos, the quite, kinda nerdy kid who kept herself to herself. She drew the dagger she carried on her belt and stood her ground. Her hair was blown back by the strong winds. She was the true image of a hero.  

                                                                                  * * * 

Jason lent back in his chair and sipped at his cappuccino. "Hey Jason," said Hazel, "Can you hear that? Sounds like Omorfia screaming" Jason sat up and put his Coffee back onto the saucer. "Percy," Jason said "Kids!" Percy groaned and sank into his chair. "Do I really have to?" He moaned. "Perc'," Jason said "What if it is a monster!" Percy looked at him and frowned. "Last time you said that Chrys had lost her shoe" Jason stood up and yanked Percy's arm so he stood up as well and Percy got dragged all the way to the park.

When they arrived the lady had Sofos pinned to the ground and Percy recognized the monster immediately. "Lamia, you...!" He said. "Who's she got there?" asked Jason."Where?" Percy asked, "Oh there! That's Sofos!!!!" He yelled recognizing his own daughter. Lamia's face turned and she hissed. "Get off my daughter!" Percy shouted as he raised his sword and charged. "Daddy!" Wailed Sofos.

Jason ran for Omorfia, his daughter, and she hugged him tight, neither would let go. Jason kissed her fore-head and said "Everything's gonna be OK" . He let go and ran towards Percy, Sofos and the monster and helped with the slashing and stabbing at the lady. "Hey, Jason!" Jason turned and saw Macie, Piper's sister, holding her sword, glykiá ekdíki̱si̱ (Sweet revenge), the only Aphrodite kid to own a sword. She ran forward and helped the boys.

They kept slashing and stabbing until she crumbled to gold dust, what all monsters did. The three rounded up the children and took them back to the restaraunt. "Oh!" Dynami yelled, "My bead, it's gone!"





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