What Katniss Didn't Know

When visiting District Two during the Victory Tour, Katniss realizes the reason why Cato and Clove hated her so much. Katniss and Peeta weren't the star-crossed lovers, Cato and Clove were. While she thought the two were heartless Careers ready to kill anything and volunteered just to win, she see's a different side.


1. Chapter 1

As I walk out of the District Two Justice Building, someone announces our names. They also mention Cato and Clove. On two platforms, stand two grieving families. One is Cato's, one is Clove's. On the big screen behind the families, they play video recap of them in the Games and before.

The first picture shows Clove as a little girl. It looks like it's her birthday party. She receives a set of knives. The smile on her face makes me want to cry. She probably would be standing here right now if I wasn't. I see Clove's little sister. She looks to be about Prim's age. She is crying as the tape rolls.

The next picture is of Cato and Clove. They must be about seven. Clove has Cato pinned to the ground with a knife to his throat. The knife, is one that she had gotten for her birthday. I could see the look in Clove's eyes. It wasn't the look she gave me when she pinned me down. She was happy. She was doing it out of love. Cato just had a smile on his face,despite the knife to his throat.

Picture after picture, I see Cato and Clove together. Cato didn't seem so heartless after all. Neither did Clove. It occurs to me, the pain in Cato's voice when Clove was dying, it was real. He was pained. They had known each other their whole lives. Of course he was sad. He just lost  his best friend.

One picture had the two walking down a path in the pouring rain. You could see the rain in the picture. Clove had a knife in her hand, Cato had a sword. I wondered what they were doing. If they were going somewhere were they could talk. Or if it was something they always did, like Gale and I going into the woods.

The next one, Clove looked about twelve.Cato was maybe fourteen. Cato was teaching Clove how to use a sword. Clove was small. Smaller than me. He held the sword up and helped her swing it around. It was obvious she didn't hold much strength. She has strength when she fought me. She held me down.

Next was a video. A video of them fighting. Clove was probably one of the only people who could beat him in a fight. Not even Thresh could. When Cato killed Thresh it showed his strength. Clove was fighting Cato like a pro. Even though Cato towered over her and was probably twice her wait, she beat him. He wasn't letting her either.

The next picture hits me hard. A high school dance. They were more than friends. More than best friends. More than Gale and I. Definitely more than Peeta and I. They were in love. In never occurred to me. I didn't think Careers could love. The way they looked at each other, it was the way Peeta looked at me.

I don't dare look at Cato's family, since I am responsible for his death. As I look down, I hear a video play. It's the day Clove died. It's the day Clove almost killed me. I can't look. I experience what my family must of experienced. I look up just in time to see Thresh slam a rock onto Clove's head. She falls to the ground. The video shows Cato.

Cato calls out Clove's name. Thresh runs off. Cato runs to Clove's side. He begs her to stay. I see tears rush down his face. He is holding Clove's hand and is begging her to stay,even though he knows it is no use.

Before she dies, she mutters,"Cato, I love you."

His reaction brings tears to my eyes." I love you too,Clove." He buries his head in his hands. If anyone was to come behind him and try to kill him, he wouldn' of fought back. He couldn't. He was heartbroken. 

"Cato, win for me. Promise me." She grabbed his hand. Those were her last words.

Cato said," I will. I promise. I'll win for you." ,just as the cannon fired. When that cannon fired, Cato lost it. He opened Clove's jacket and placed the knife in her hand with the rest of her knives. He took a locket from around her neck. He looked t it before slipping it into his pocket.

"I'm so sorry,Clove." He kissed her and stood up. As he walked away, the hovercraft took her away. He muttered,"Goodbye,Clove." At this point, I was crying my eyes out. Peeta tried to confront me, but it was no use.

As Cato stumbled back in the forest, you could see he didn't have any strength left in his body. He walked a little ways and fell to the ground. Foxface could of killed him at this point. If she tried, he would of let her. His sword lays at his side as he yells every cuss word he knows. When he sits up, something had changed. The look in his eyes had turned from heartbroken, to avenges. He got up and grabbed his sword.

He ran into the field where Thresh appeared from. It appeared how strong Cato was when he killed Thresh. He made to sure that Thresh suffer. He first cut both of his legs off. Cato was determined to make him pay for what he had just done.

At a last effort, Thresh stabbed Cato in the cheek. Cato acted has if he felt no pain. Cato cut Thresh's head off. He walked off into the distance. It poured. He walked through the rain dragging his bloody sword along. He sat on a log. Cato pulled out the locket. He opened and inside was a picture of Cato and Clove.

He burst out into tears as soon as he opened it. Cato had lost his mind. He looked at the back of the necklace. I believe he gave her the necklace. It said 'To Clove Love, Cato'. He threw it back into his pocket. That is where the video ended. 

Peeta gave the speech. I was in tears and unable to speak. I see why they hated me so much. While we were acting, they were not. We expressed 'love'. While they could not.

After Peeta's speech, we went to eat in the Justice Building. Clove's little sister sat next to me. I tap her and say,"I'm sorry for your loss. I really am."

"I know. Clove always said it was probably better up there." The girl smiled."I'm Ginger."

"Nice to meet you. You remind me of my little sister."

She just smiles."I saw you crying up on stage."

"I didn't know they were so close."

"They've been close all their lives. It started as just training partners."

"How long were they dating?"

"I'm not sure. I know that it's been for awhile. I think like eight years."



"How old were they?"

"Cato was eighteen and Clove was sixteen."

"Wow. Long time lovers."

"Yeah. Cato was like a brother to me."

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok. It's better they both died."


"Cato would feel to horrible if he won. He only volunteered to protect her. When I visited him before he went, he promised me he'd get her home.I mean, you wouldn't want to live if Peeta died, would you?"

"No, I wouldn't."

"You two were alike in a lot of ways. You remind me of her."

I couldn't hold it back. I reached out and hugged her. She hugged me back."Are you going to volunteer when you are older?"

"No, Clove wouldn't like me to."


"Why would you care?"

"Because you are sweet. You don't deserve to go through that."

"Thank you. You make me feel better."

I smiled. As I ate my dinner, I realized Cato didn't volunteer to bring pride home. He volunteered to bring Clove home. Maybe I shouldn't of thought they were so heartless. In truth, they were just like us. Except, if they were here, they wouldn't be acting.

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