Black Heart

Have you ever felt that no one cares? Have you ever felt that you are never good enough? The failure? Do you ever think that every one hates you? Well, welcome to Tanya's life, Tanya has been through think and thin without someone with her, her present is miserable, her past is horror and she is terrified of her future (if she has one) She doesn't think anyone will ever love her, and doesn't think she will ever fall in love. She keeps her walls up and doesn't let anyone in. From the outside she seems like a stuck up bitch that thinks she is better than everyone else, but from the inside she is broken and scared. Welcome to the life of Tanya Horan.


1. Coming Up

This is my first Movellas. Read the blurb if you like it leave a comment, if you don't like it leave a comment and tell me why. If you guys like it I will update the first chapter on 17 December 2013  

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