My heroes

Hi my name is Rayma. I love one direction and don't plan on stop living them. They have helped me in so many ways possible and my biggest dream is to be able to tell them in person what they have done for me.

I hope you enjoy it!!


3. my everyday life

I woke up to see all my posters I had on my walls. Great school today. I slowly got up and looked at myself in the mirror. Ugh why am I so ugly! I did everything I do and went to the kitchen.

"What are you having for breakfast rayma?" My mum asked me.

"Nothing mum or I will miss the bus." I said and walked out the door saying bye to my mum and brothers. I started walking down to the bus stop thinking about nothing in life. OMG!!! I just remembered the 1D concert was tonight! Yay!!!!! I wasn't that excited but I thought once I get there I will be.

-skip school coz it's boring-

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