The Unknown Order

The circle of elements is the main defence against vampires with the most powerful hunters,sorcerers,demons oh and the DEAD! Next to that there is also an Unknown Order who runs the whole world.
The epic battle begins with a new and unexpected adversary.


6. The Unknown Order

Shannon saw two men approaching,they were in similar robes and one had a sceptre that was golden with a ruby on top and the other had a silver bow and arrows lined with emerald. They eyed her warily then stood beside Sapphire. "These are my colleagues, Raven is the one in the one with the arrow, he is young but powerful whereas Storm is the eldest of us all, maybe even the wisest." Explained Sapphire. "You are charged with being involved in the shadow magic order" said Storm bitterly. "Are you a vampire?" Asked Raven. "I suspected I was turned last night but I thought that was a dream." Responded Sharon. "I am afraid it's real, but since it's only been 2 days we have 4 days to cure you, Bones this is your new assignment" said Sapphire calmly. "I'm the greatest detective in the world and you make me babysit? Brilliant!" Said Bones. "We are the leaders of the Unknown Order so you have to listen to us" mocked Raven. "I hate you Raven." Murmured Bones. "Raven you can go too." Said Storm with a smile. "Oh god, I hate you." Muttered Raven. "Kids these days, no respect for their elders." Mocked Bones. "Exactly" responded Storm with a smile.

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