The Unknown Order

The circle of elements is the main defence against vampires with the most powerful hunters,sorcerers,demons oh and the DEAD! Next to that there is also an Unknown Order who runs the whole world.
The epic battle begins with a new and unexpected adversary.


13. Natalie

Shannon woke in a hospital bed. She tried to get up but her hands were strapped down. "Hello, Shannon" said a cheery girl. "I'm Natalie, I'm a sugar hyped doctor who people want to choke in her sleep." "Nice to know." Said Shannon. "Where the hell am I?" "You killed 20 were-wolves. You need a brain scan, I asked if I could have one but Bones said I needed a brain before I had a brain scan." Said Natalie. "How did I kill 20 were-wolves?" Asked Shannon. "You went berserk and blew them up, and sliced them with a sword" said Natalie. "I did what?!" Yelled Shannon. "You started floating in the air, could you make it rain cupcakes?" Asked Natalie. Raven walked in and said "sorry to leave you with the brainless cupcake moron." "What does she mean by me killing 20 were-wolves?" Asked Shannon. "Oh, you started floating with freaky red eyes." He said calmly. "Don't worry we're doing some research to find out what's going on." He said as he took the straps of her. "Thanks at least you know I'm not a lunatic." Said Shannon. "Don't worry, Natalie's the lunatic." Said Raven. "Yay, I'm one of a kind!" Yelled Natalie. "You're special all right" said Raven.

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