The Unknown Order

The circle of elements is the main defence against vampires with the most powerful hunters,sorcerers,demons oh and the DEAD! Next to that there is also an Unknown Order who runs the whole world.
The epic battle begins with a new and unexpected adversary.


33. Awkward

This was the most awkward situation Raven had been in. Storm, Envy and Zero knew what was going on but he felt kind of left out. Zero started talking "sooo Envy seen any good mo-." "Shut up Zero or I will shoot you." Said Envy bitterly. "Storm help me, she's scary" teased Zero. Envy just ignored him. Zero didn't like to be shunned, he was about to noogie her but then this happened. "Touch me, and you'll die a very painful death" said Envy glaring. "Hey Storm, she can't kill me, can she?" Asked Zero. "I told her not to kill you yet but you know Envy." Said Storm. Zero stepped back one step. Envy put her finger to the trigger. "Ok, ok I'll shut up." Said Zero. Raven sighed.

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