Dreams aren't what the used to be. Marley's family is so worried about just because she dies in every single dream she has. She's sick of it. Especially of the fact that she keeps falling for the guy that always betrays her. In each new world he never remembers her but they always meet. The funny thing is that they've never met in real life. Marley hates his guts as well as loving him to bits but what happens when one day, it's not a dream? And this is all real...


7. 6

Chapter 6


I was sitting on the cold, hard group. Looking around, see spray paint covered walls. Not remembering how I ended up here all I knew was that I shouldn’t be here. I need to find him and we need to go before they came for us.

Trashed covered the roads. Looking up I read March 19, 2025; on a huge screen. The town I grow up in was hardy there as the war on the streets had driven most people away. My pants were ripped; the sweater I was wearing was two sizes too big. But I didn’t care I just wanted to find Grey and go.

Heading down the road I hardly hear anything but a few dogs barking off somewhere. Think about where Grey and I could go. He was the only one I had as I was the only one he had. For years, its just been the two of us.

Coming to a wall, I craw over the wall. Looking to see if anyone was their but I didn’t see anyone. Even more trashed covered this area of ground. I could smell the rain in the air. The clouds were becoming darker and darker.  

Voice off somewhere got louder and as they got closer. Hiding I peek out to see who it was. Right away I knew by there wristbands I shouldn’t be here. If they find me I’ll be dead for sure.

I could here them talking about a job they have to do tonight. I just hope they don’t come thing way. The closer they get the more I just want to run. Looking again I see the there is someone coming up behind them. They’re dragging someone with a hood covering their face. One of the guys took off the hood. My heart drops to my toes as I knew by the hair it was Grey.

Unsure, what they were doing with him; but knew it wasn’t anything good. I had to help, no needed to help. Thinking of what I could do to save him. Knowing I couldn’t take all three of those guys on by myself. Maybe two but that would be hard. But knowing I could take one. Think. Then it hit me. I grabbed a hand full of rocks a tossed as far as I could; then hiding down so they couldn’t see me.

“What was that?” One of the guys said.

Grabbing another hand full I throw it as hard as I could again.

Peeking over I can see that Grey starting to come to. I throw one more handful.

“Go see!” Said the guy who was holding Grey.

I waited until I knew the other two weren’t close. Quickly making my way over there; I punch the guy holding Grey. He let go of him. Grabbing Grey I pull him with me. A pare of hands grab my arm, stopping me. Turning, I swing and punched him. Kicking him in the keens causing him to fall to the ground; he smacked his head hard on the ground.

Pulling Grey as fast as I could, he’s taller them me and weighs more then me.

“Grey.” I whisper.

He started to come to even more.

“You shouldn’t have.” He said looking at me.

“You the only one I have. Plus, who else I’m I going to beat at blackjack.” I said pulling him to his feel.

“Come on, we gotta go.” He said grabbing my hand.

We took off running. But not soon after could we hear footsteps following us.

The rain started to fall down; hearing footsteps after footsteps slashing in the water as they got closer. Knowing we couldn’t hide as our footsteps give us away. The lighting and thunder filled the air around us. Feeling that this storm was going to be bad; we hand to get somewhere inside and fast. Looking back I could see the three guys getting closer to us. Not knowing there was a wooden box I trip and fall smashing my head on the ground.

“Marley!” Grey said looking down at her.

He then looked back at the guys coming. Bending down he kissed her head.

“I can’t help you, I’m too weak.” I could see him shaking and all beaten up as it is from them.

I could feel the tears building up.

“Please.” She said trying to set up.

As soon as I did I became dizzy and started to black out.

“I’m sorry.” Grey said. She then could hear his foot steps fading.


“No, but your not alone.” Said a voice.

As I was coming to I could see a tube of green liquid. It’s a street killer; it was what started the street wars in the first place. She knew this was the end. But all she could think about was how Grey left her. The walls around her were wet and black, and then everything went black.  



(Written by KayCee K)

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