Dreams aren't what the used to be. Marley's family is so worried about just because she dies in every single dream she has. She's sick of it. Especially of the fact that she keeps falling for the guy that always betrays her. In each new world he never remembers her but they always meet. The funny thing is that they've never met in real life. Marley hates his guts as well as loving him to bits but what happens when one day, it's not a dream? And this is all real...


6. 5

Chapter 5

I scribbled words about my dream not really reading what I was putting. I still couldn’t figure out why in every single dream I had he was there. Why? Was it just a trick of my mind? Is there something wrong with me? Is it me? I’ve spent hours online looking for anything about dreams, but nothing like my dreams are anywhere. I’m thankful that it’s the weekend. I can just spend hours sitting here thinking about me and my dreams. Will they ever end?

(written by KayCee K)

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