Dreams aren't what the used to be. Marley's family is so worried about just because she dies in every single dream she has. She's sick of it. Especially of the fact that she keeps falling for the guy that always betrays her. In each new world he never remembers her but they always meet. The funny thing is that they've never met in real life. Marley hates his guts as well as loving him to bits but what happens when one day, it's not a dream? And this is all real...


5. 4

Chapter 4



It felt like the floor was moving under me. I can hear the waves smashing. The dust and sea air woke me. It was dark and I couldn't see where I was at. I could smell a hint of whisky and sweat. Crates, wooden barrels and chains covered the floor. 

Walking I tried to find a way out. I trip, landing causing a clinging sounds echoed in the air. 

"I know your here." Said a male voice. 

"Here where?" I asked. 

He took a step right and I took a step left. He was holding a candle, he has a squared chin but that’s all I could see of his face. It was the only thing I could make out. He stepped left, I went right. 

Keeping space was one was I knew to keep myself safe. 

"Your..." He trailed off. 

"A woman." I said. 

"You know what happens to stole always?" He question. 

I didn't answer him; but at less I now know I'm on a ship. 

"All hands on board!" A voice from above yelled. 

"Stay here!" He said. 

"Wait!" I step closer to him. 

I could know see he had brown eyes. 

"Please just stay here." He then took off up the stairs. 

I head to a cover like area to hide. Looking down I was wearing a slim brown dress. My hair was short and pulled into a ponytail at the nap on my neck. It seemed like hours before he can back. 

"Here." He said. 

Handing me piece of cloth I unwrapped it. I found a piece of bread and cheese. 

"There's two weeks then we'll be pull in. I can sneak you off then." He said. 

I smiled at him.

"Thank you." I said. 

"You have to stay hidden." He didn’t smile but something about him told me he cared. 

"I'm Marley" I said. 

"Grey." He said. 

We talked a bit more. 

"This is a pirate boat." He said looking around. 

"How did you become one?" I asked.

“My mother had gotten sick, my family needed money. So I signed up getting ten pounds when I did; haven’t been home since.” His face was blank but I could see the sadness in his eyes. It broke my heart.

There was a week left until the boat would dock. I have mange to stay hidden out of site. Every time Grey had the chance he would bring me food. When night would fall he would spend it with me below the docks. In this short time we have been came close. I would say I was starting to have feeling for him. But I couldn’t, after all he was a pirate. Back home I would be killed for just thinking it. We spent hours just talking. Nothing important was said but I knew I cared for him.

“Marley?” He whispered into the dark.

I walked up behind him and covered his eyes. He spun around tripping on I stopped him from falling. He stud up and was now just looking me strait in the eyes. Then he kissed me. So quickly I thought I might have imaged it.

“Here.” He said handing me some clothes. 

“I can’t sneak you off in a dress. There mine so they should fit as close as I could get.”

“Thank you.” I said.

We still just looked at each others.

“I’ll turn so you can change.” He turned facing the other side of the boat now. I quickly changed. I could feel the cold are blowing around me as a changed.

“Done.” I said.

I handed him my dress. I didn’t have anywhere to keep it.

“I’ll give it back once we land.” He folded it a place in on a wooden box.

“Will you ever go home?” I asked.

“Why? My family probably doesn’t want anything to do with a pirate.” He was looking at the ground.

I could tell this is not what he wanted to do with his life. But at times I could see a flash in his eyes that he enjoyed being a pirate.

“Come with me, when the boat lands.” I said before I could even think it.

“Why?” asked.

“Because, either of us won’t to be alone.” I place my hand on his.

His skin was cold and rough. He got up to leave taking the dress with him. He didn’t want to have this discussion.

“Just think about it.” I smiled at him.

It was the day before we dock. I have only see Grey once and that was when get brought me some more food.

“Sorry it’s so little, we’re running low.”

“Oi, all men on deck.”

I couldn’t hear what was being said. I followed the footsteps above the deck. I then found a little whole in the deck. I pulled over a wooden box. Standing on it I look through the whole.

“Men, we have a trader among us.” Said a man who I believe was the captain.

He the walked away from the whole I couldn’t hear what he was then saying.

Footsteps flew down the stairs. I jumped off the box. But it was too late they were already around me. I had no where to run. I kicked on and ran for the stairs. I grabbed a sward handing on the stair wall. Getting to the top I look around I had half the crew in front of me and half behind.

I swing my sward backing them up. In the middle of the sea I had no where to run. They started to swing there swards. The clinging of swards rang through the air. Swards fly left and right; one glazed the back of my leg. I almost scrammed on pain. I was fitting them of best as I could. Then I see Grey for the first time; from when I came up form under the desk. For a split second he looked sorry. Like he really did care. But then from behind me someone grabbed my hands. Grey still look sad, a bit scared for the both of us.

But he didn’t step forward or try to help. He looked me right in the eyes and for a second I thought he would come and help me but I was wrong.

“Pretty little one we got here.” Someone said.

I was close to the edge. I kicked the person holding me and jump over the side of the boat. I splashed into the cold water. I gasped for air I can see Grey, looking sorry, his lips move but I can’t read them. He and the other crew members watching me as the water slowly start to pull me. As I slowly sink the last thing I can see was the blurriness of the moon; then my eyes close.

(written by KayCee K)

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