My name is Sarah, I'm 17. I'm turning 18 in 5 days so my mom is getting me and my 3 friends 1D tickets.

Sarah falls into Harry's arms and instantly falls for him. Sarah had hung out with Harry all night and Deanna walked up and started making out with Harry and Sarah went Sharkeisha on that child. Read on to find out what happens!


1. The Concert

Sarah was turning 18 in 5 days. Her nannie was getting her 1D tickets. She was so excitied and she was bringing her three friends, Rachel, Lynsy, And Haley. Rachel loved Liam. Lynsy likes Niall. And Haley likes Louis. They were counting down the days till the concert

*The Day Of The Concert*

Sarah P.O.V

Sarah, Rachel, Lynsy, and Haley were walking into the concert and Sarah tripped and fell into a boy, that was tall, Had brown curly hair, and has a sexy british voice.

"Are you okay?" He said.

Sarah was to excited to say anything back! Rachel walked over to Harry and Sarah.

"Sarah, Come on. Were gonna miss the show" Said her friend Rachel.

Sarah finally snaped back. She was so embarest, she almost started crying.

"Don't Cry Babe" said Harry!

Rachel, Sarah, Lynsy, and Haley went to there front row seat and finished the concert. They were going to a party after the concert. There were ramours that 1D was going to be there.


To Be Contiued...

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