Always be mine

What happens when teen hot band group One Direction comes back to Doncaster and Louis meets his old group of friends and girlfriend read and find out


2. chapter 2

Beth's POV

I quietly walked over to the door and I opened it. " thank god" a blonde rather Irish member of the group said." Ok listen up Louis, Nat and I don't wanna talk to a abandoner" I screeched. " just let him explain love" a curly haired boy said. I don't know who they are really except Louis and the band name one direction." Fine you have 5 minutes " I said. I let them in and showed them to the lounge. They all took a seat on the couch. The Irish one of the group started eating Nat's and Aimee's potato chips. " if you wanna live I would put the chips down" I said glaring at him. He dropped the bag and sat next to a darker haired boy with a blonde streak. " um where's Natalie" Louis asked curiously. " she just over their" I said pointing to a now empty kitchen. "Aww shit she probably up in her bedroom " I said. " oh can I go get her I need to talk to her alone" Louis said shakily. " fine go upstairs turn left and second door on the left" I said pointing to the stairs. " ok" he said walking towards them. " umm may I ask what your names are" I asked awkwardly. " oh I'm Liam" a maturer looking member of the band said. " and that's Zayn, Niall, and Harry" he said pointing to them as he said their names. " cool I'm Beth you guys want to play some Halo" I asked. They all stood up and grabbed a controller. Niall went to grab the Oreos. I saw out of the corner of my eye. " don't even think about" I said and slapped his hand away.

Nat's POV

After Beth invited the boys inside. I ran upstairs into my bedroom. A couple of minutes later their was a knock on the door. I got up thinking it was Beth and went to answer the door with my head I was talking to beth. " why wo......uld" I looked up to see Louis standing their with an apologetic expression on his face. " hi" he said quietly. " hi go away I don't talk to people like you" I snapped at him. " look can I just have a minute please" he asked we begging eyes. " fine come in" I sighed and walked to my bed. He came in and shut the door behind him and sat on my bed. " look I'm so.." He said holding my hands and looked in my eyes. I pulled my hands away from him cutting him off. " don't bother I'm not going to listen" I said looking at the floor. He cupped my chin and pulled it up so I was looking at him. " look I still love you, as much as I did to two years ago, can you give me another chance" he said looking in my eyes deeply. " Louis I still love you but how do I know you won't pack up and leave again" I choked out. " does this help" he leaned in. " Louis you know you can't keep that promise being in your band" I whispered. I pulled away from his face. " because I'm here for a now for a least a year for interviews for you" he said wide eyed. " what about after" I said. " what about it I plan on keeping you forever" he smirked. " fine I guess one more chance" I said. He leaned in and kissed me passionately butterflies appeared in my stomach. I was hesitant before I kissed back.

Beth's POV

We had been playing halo for at least 20 minutes. Harry had been flirting for at least 10 minutes I finally slapped him on the back of the head. I decided to go check on Louis and nat. Before I got up to go Liam got a call. He started to get angry. He hanged up and looked at the 3 boys. " the hotel double booked our room and are full" he yelled. " hey Liam" Harry said. " WHAT???" He said. " Why don't we ask beth" Harry suggested. They looked at me begging. " I will have to ask nat first" I said walking upstairs.

Louis's POV

We were full on snogging now. " some people made up" we snapped out of it to see Beth standing their. " oh shut up Beth" I said. " sup" nat said. " the boys room was double booked and were wondering if they could stay here" Beth asked nat. " uhh where are they sleeping" she asked. " lounge, bathroom I don't care" Beth said shrugging. " fine" she said laughing. " but we will need rules" Beth said Evily. We heard the front door open and Aimee burst in my room." WHAT IS NIALL HORAN DOING IN OUR LIVING ROOM" she screamed. "OMG OMG"Aimee ran out of the room

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