One Direction Imagines! :)

I write imagines for people so if you want one just comment with your name, and the boy you want (if there is a certain plot you want, leave that too!) I do imagines about all the boys so yeah :)


3. Niall- Hate

 hey :) I'm the new co-author. My name is Nikky ok now back to the imagines.

Imagine...... you sit in yours and Niall's room crying. You scroll through twitter. looking at all the hate. One comment said, 'your fat, ugly, a whore, and a fake, go kill yourself' Niall was at studio, he should be home by now. You hear the front door open and close. You look at the time. Its 12:53 am. He comes into the room. "Niall'' you say. "yeah?'' he ask. "I can't take it'' you say sitting up. "the hate?'' he asks. "I think we should b-break up'' you say. "no, no, no need for that. I'll tell them to stop ok princess'' he says. He climbs in the bed. "ok'' you say. "now, lets think about other things.'' he says. I nod. We go under the covers. We show out love to each other

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