Peter: His True Feelings (Divergent Story)

What was going on with Peter and Tris in the Divergent series? Find out Peter's point-of-view and see the connections that are made with the real book.

Did Peter like Tris? Or Tobias? What did he really want to gain from everything he'd done?


1. Hiding

        She was brave, smart and loving. Everything Peter wanted to be, but for some reason couldn't be.

        He noticed her the minute she picked dauntless as her new faction. Her piercing grey eyes said it all, and Peter felt weak around her. He felt like for once in his life, he need to protect her. He didn't like it either.

        What about her abilities to beat me about of the dauntless rankings? What about her being everyone's favorite? What about when she shot him? He asked himself questions to find more reasons to hate her, but he couldn't. He tried. Oh, he definitely tried. What about Tobias?

         Could he find the heart to kill him? Yes. That wasn't the problem. Could he take away the one person she had left? That was the problem.

        She entered Erudite headquarters to sacrifice herself for others. Part of it was loving and sacrificial, but it was also stupid.

         Jeanine was going to do whatever it took to gain power and control. Even after Jeanine killed her, Jeanine would probably still murder people.

        Peter knew that Tris hated him, but that's what he wanted. He needed to push her away because he didn't like the feeling of being weak around her. But, he still felt this deep need to care for her.

        He'd been escorting her around for a while in the Erudite compound. He asked to be assigned to her.

        She looked grimy and saddened, but also tough and she that created this beauty about her.

        "Peter," she said as I escorted her to Jeanine. Her voice was sore from the screams of her sleep. "What time is it?"

        What time is it? Why ask him that? What did she want? He didn't answer her or look at his watch.

        Her eyes stayed trained on him. Peter could feel them trying to study his expressions, but he kept a hard, unemotional face.

        "Why are you constantly escorting me places?" Because he volunteered. "Isn't there a depraved activity you're supposed to be taking part in? Kicking puppies or something?"

         Geez. She asked a lot of questions, Peter thought. Her sarcasm was her only defense right now, and he still felt weak.

        "I know what you did to Will, you know." I responded coldly. "Don't pretend that you're better than I am, because you and I, we're exactly the same." Expect he that he liked her.

       She paused for a moment, trying to think other something to say. Her eyes moved forward and she looked focused on something.

        "You're wrong," she finally stated. "We may both be bad, but there's a huge difference between us-- I'm not content with being this way."

        Peter snorted. Neither did he, but he wasn't going to say that out loud to anyone. Especially Tris.

        Peter escorted her into a room and she froze in shock for a moment. Peter had to shove her forward.

        He planted his hands on her shoulders, but she didn't seem to notice. He guided her forward while she tried to force her body back.

        "Get her on the table," Jeanine said sounding bored, but not looking it. Tris keeps staring at the table. I can't help but want to help her, but I've been given orders.

         Peter wraps his arms around her arms and chest, restraining her from moving. He lifts her up as she kicks and struggles with all her strength.

         Peter didn't mean to, but he slammed her down on the cold, hard metal table. She was struggling so hard that he felt like he was struggling backs, except for he was struggling to hold her. It felt wrong. In that moment of weakness, her fist flung out and Peter felt the force of it in his wrist.

        Peter felt like yelling out, but he hid it and winced instead.

         Peter gripped her body down, and the other Dauntless guards came to pin her down. He straps the belts across her body.

         He pushed down her shoulder, knowing it was a weakness. He felt her flinch, but he still didn't feel any strong next to her.

        She stopped struggling and yelled at Jeanine, "What the hell is going on? We agreed-- cooperation in exchange for results! We agreed--"

         "This is entirely separate from our agreement," Jeanine interrupts as she looks at her watch. "This is not about you, Beatrice."

        Beatrice. Her real name before it all happened. It was weird to hear it. Peter always liked Tris as her name.

        The door flings open behind Peter and Tobias limps in. For like he was being dragged in. Two Dauntless guards were on either side of him.

         He could tell he was seriously injured by the way Tris's facial expression showed.

        Peter didn't know how she could tell. All he could see was the bruises and cuts on his face.

        "What is this?" Tobias asks weakly.

        He looked tired and scared for the first time in Peter had ever seen.

        "Tris," he cries out as he tires to reach for her. The guards grab the weak Tobias and wrench him back. "Tris, are you okay?"

Are you okay? That's the question you ask when you see your hurting, pained girlfriend? Peter shook his head, obviously both weren't okay in any way what-so-ever.

        "Yeah," she says. "Are you?"

        He nods, but even Peter knew that he wasn't. He could see it now, the pain in his eyes. The exterior showed toughness and endurance, but Peter saw the pain and desperation underneath all of it

        Peter looked at the two of them. Desperate for each other's touch. It disgusted him. And all they could ask is that if they were all right.

        "Rather than waste any more time, Mr. Eaton," Jeanine manifests a cruel smile on her face. "I thought I would take the more logical approach. Truth serum would be preferable, of course, but it would take days to coerce Jack Kang into handing some over, as it is jealously guarded by the Candor, and I'd rather not waste a few days."

        I hear a guard let a snort out. Jeanine ignores it though and continues by bringing the serum forward.

        The grey liquid looked unpleasing and uncomfortable. Not good.

        By the look on Jeanine's face, Peter knew that it wasn't good for anyone in her way. Tris and Tobias were in her way, and he knew, that she wouldn't stand for that.

       "In a few seconds, I will inject Tris with this liquid. At that point, I trust, your selfless instincts will take over and you will tell me exactly what I need to know."

       "What does she need to know?" Interrupts Tris looking at Tobias.

        He looks tired and worn out, even when just answering in one sentence. "Information about the factionless safe houses," he answers, but never looking up.

        Peter knew a thing or two about the factionless rising to insormitable amounts. They were losing everything too, but why would that be so important to Jeanine that she would risk killing her only leverage?

        "Don't give it too her," cries Tris. "I'm going to die anyway. Don't give her anything."

        Peter wanted to yell to give it to her so Jeanine wouldn't hurt Tris, but he stayed silent. He knew Tobias wouldn't give it up.

        "Remind me, Mr. Eaton, what do Dauntless simulations do?" Jeanine asked.

       "This isn't a classroom," Tobias replied looking as annoyed as an injured boy could. "Tell me what you're going to do."

        Jeanine wanted and answer, and Peter knew that she would get what she wanted. "I will if you answer my very simple question."

        "Fine," Tobias croaked. He told her what she wanted to hear. It sounded like he'd recited it millions of times.

        "Very good," she mocked. "When I was developing the Dauntless simulations, years ago, we discovered that certain levels of potency overwhelmed the brain and made it too insensible with terror to invent new surroundings, which was when we diluted the solution so that the simulations would be more instructive. But I still remember how to make it."

       She tapped the syringe with her fingernail.

       "Fear," she says, "is more powerful than pain. So there anything you'd like to say, before I inject Ms. Prior?"

        Tobias didn't say anything.

        Peter wanted to yell at him to give up the information. He was so close, but he decided to stay shut up.

       Jeanine reached for Tris's neck and Peter and Tobias braced themselves for whatever came next.

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