Iris, a 19 year old girl, retells the story of her past. She has struggled the difficulties of being different in a society where you must belong in one place and one place only. Divergence has made her life difficult and at sometimes, unbearable, but now she is determined to leave behind this terrible world and a boy who broke her heart.


3. Chapter 3

Blah blah I chose dauntless you know that part. I had to jump on the moving train jump down a big hole. You all know Tris' story, I'm not gonna repeat it all. What you don't know is Toby. Yep, that's what we called him. He hated that we knew which family he came from, but when he finished his fear test we all started calling him Four. Right before the last cut of people I found Toby in one of the coed bathrooms looking at the scars he got from his dad.

"Are those…?" I asked.

"Yep," he said, pulling down his shirt quickly.

"Don't be scared. You got away from him and you're fighting for a better you. You think you don't belong on dauntless but you're dead wrong Toby. You're selfless and that's a really hard thing to be."

"I just… I don't know. It's just that sometimes I hate how the factions just attack each other, I mean I wish we could all just like happily coexist, you know?"


"I'm gonna go get a tattoo, do you wanna come?"


And that's how Toby got his faction tats.

"I think it's really cool you're whole faction unity principle."


I put my hands on his back and traced his tattoos. I know what you're thinking now, nothing's gonna happen between them because Tobias loves Tris, well you're partially right. Something did happen but Tris came. We broke up because I could tell he liked her and I figured might as well break up with him instead of keeping him miserable or letting him break my heart. Bottom line is we had a pretty clean breakup but I still miss him. One more 'shocker', we did it.

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