Iris, a 19 year old girl, retells the story of her past. She has struggled the difficulties of being different in a society where you must belong in one place and one place only. Divergence has made her life difficult and at sometimes, unbearable, but now she is determined to leave behind this terrible world and a boy who broke her heart.


2. Chapter 2

I opened my eyes and saw some cheese and a knife on the table in front of me. I picked then both up, cut the cheese, threw the knife on the floor, and ate.

"You were supposed to choose one," said a voice.

"Oops, sowy," I said with a full mouth. I looked up and saw a huge dog standing in front of me. I sat down and put my hands in front of me so I could pet it, cause you know, dogs, pet em right? And surprise surprise the dog licked the rest of the cheese off my hands and let me per him. Then a girl showed up and the dog was gonna attack her and I didn't know what to do. I sat on the dog. I know what you're thinking, 'why would you sit on the dog?' Well I don't know I thought sitting on it would slow it down, which it did. Now you're probably wondering what happened to the girl. Well I don't know, I woke up.

"Well that was interesting," said Tori, "you have an aptitude for…"

"For what? At least give me some suspense," I said sarcastically.

"You're a divergent," she sighed.

"A detergent?"


"Which is what exactly?"

"It means you have an aptitude for more than one faction. You can choose erudite or dauntless. But being a divergent is dangerous, no one can know. They killed my brother because of it. I don't know why but they did. I will mark you down as Erudite, make your choice and choose what you want tomorrow."

"Dauntless," I said, processing.


"I choose dauntless," I said while getting up, "I'll see you at initiation I guess." I have her a smile and walked out. Okay Iris, you got this. I walked up to Aaron and sat down.

"So?" He asked. Shit, I didn't think about how choosing dauntless would limit my time with Aaron.

"I got Dauntless," I whispered.

"Well then we have a lot to do together before tomorrow cause you must be an idiot if you think I'm not spending time with my little sister."

He gave me a hug and we walked back home. We spent the night playing board games and having fun, mom and dad were sad but I told them that I'd do what I could to stay I touch with them.

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