2nd Direction

Everyone everywhere has heard about the famous boy and One Direction. Well. One day a little girl ,named Maddessenne, writes a letter to them. (Madde is 8) What happens when the boys read the letter?


5. 5

Maddessenne's POV:


Today was the concert. I was super excited. I made sure my tickets and stuff were in my little Repunzel purse. Don't judge. I'm 6 for goodness sakes. Then hopped on my bike and rode to the place. It was only a mile from my place I live at? It's not technically a place. But it's fine with me. It's technically a shed. I live by myself in a shed because my parents died last year and they were pretty rich so I have a lot of money. And I never bought myself a house because I could never keep up with any of the junk that goes along with a house. Anyways. Once I got to the building, the concert had already started and Paul was standing, guarding the entry way. I have him my ticket. And he said, "Sorry kid. No entrance." I looked down and made 'tears' come down my face. I looked up , "I understand." I said and walked to my bike (which I had set down near the entry way) I was about to get on it when Paul said, "Umm. Why are you getting on a bike? Where are your parents?" "I don't have any." I said my voice breaking (and I wasn't acting this time.) "Olay. Alright you can come in the building. But just try to sneak in." He winked (not in a sexual way!!). I nodded and set my bike back where it was. "Thank you, Mr. Paul." I said happily. And walked in. As soon as he couldn't see my face I smirked. This was going to be interesting. 

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