2nd Direction

Everyone everywhere has heard about the famous boy and One Direction. Well. One day a little girl ,named Maddessenne, writes a letter to them. (Madde is 8) What happens when the boys read the letter?


4. 4

Niall's POV:


I was confused. What did she mean we were there for her when no one else was? And how did she know our secret?? What the heck!!! We need to make sure we find this little girl. 'Hey guys. Big dilemma meet me in my room ASAP.' I knew that they were over at our flat so I heard a bunch of dings then the shuffling of feet up the stairs. As soon as they got on the bed I brought out the letter. I read it to them. We were all silent and wide eyed. "What secret?" Liam asked. Oh no!! I forgot he doesn't have the secret. We all had worried looks on our faces. Liam was confused. "We have to find this girl and protect her. Being one of us. "Umm. Liam. We kind of cant tell you or we will probably die. Soo yeah." Louis said scratching his neck awkwardly. "Okay." Lima said and shrugged. We continued to stare at each other before I heard my alarm to off. "SHIT!! Guys we have to get ready for our concert. Plus we have to look out for the girl." We all nodded and went our separate ways. I put on my signature lol of a red polo and white tennis shoes. (A/N IDK what shoes he wears. All I know is they're white. If anyone knows please comment!!) We then walked out the door. Before realizing we had left Zayn. Then re-emerging the building. 

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