2nd Direction

Everyone everywhere has heard about the famous boy and One Direction. Well. One day a little girl ,named Maddessenne, writes a letter to them. (Madde is 8) What happens when the boys read the letter?


1. 1

"Cause, Baby you're a firework! Come on let your colors burst. Make 'me go up, up, up as you leap across the sky." I groaned but got up. Today was the last day of school. That also meant... Today I was going to write a letter to One Direction. I know that may sound weird but I don't care. As I got dressed in my red polo shirt and my khaki (A/N Spelling????) skirt. Then went downstairs to put on my shoes. As I got done I yelled out "Bye!" Then walked out the door. As I walked to the bus stop my friend, Charity, greeted me. "Hey Madds!" She said. "Hey!" I said back. Then my other friend, Hope, yelled out, " BUS!" Which caused me and Charity to run to the bus. 









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