Interview With Kayleigh Quinn (Special Guest:Kellin Quinn)

A funny interview with Kayleigh Quinn and Bryan Stars...With special guest....Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin Quinn.Enjoy!


1. Interview With Kayleigh Quinn (Special Guest:Kellin Quinn)

Bryan Stars:Hey,it's Bryan Stars and I'm hanging out with Forsake The Beautiful Minds',Kayleigh Quinn.

Kayleigh:*Waves* Sup,guys!

Bryan Stars:So Kayleigh,how has everything been?

Kayleigh:It's been great.Me and the girls have officially finished our "Senses" tour.

Bryan:That's amazing!Well,congratulations on finishing the tour.So,now that the tour is over,what do you plan on doing?

Kayleigh:Relaxing...Spending time with my fiancé and my kids and just try to get my head together and be normal. *giggles lightly*

Bryan:*nods* That's good.So how are your kids?

Kayleigh:They're good.Christian,my 1 year old baby actually said "Hi" and he started walking,all while I was on tour and I saw it all in a video that my fiancé sent to me from his phone.

Bryan:Awwww,that's cute.

Kayleigh:Yeah. *nods and giggles lightly*
Bryan:So Kayleigh,your hair has gotten a lot longer since the last time I interviewed you. *chuckles*

Kayleigh:*Nods and laughs* Yeah,it's probably because the last time you interviewed me,it was in August,in the summertime and I had cut my hair.Now,it's winter and I actually let it grow because in the winter,my hair doesn't bother me.In the summertime,my hair makes it unbearable to be outside because my bangs are all over my head,making my forehead and face sweat like crazy.Sometimes,I let my cousin Kellin cut it.But,when I let him cut it,my hair ends up looking like his. *laughs*

Bryan:Speaking of Kellin,there he is! *points to Kellin*

Kellin:Hey dude.Hey Kay. *he hugs Kayleigh*

Kayleigh:Hey Kell.

Bryan:So,Kellin,Kayleigh just told me that you cut her hair for her sometimes.

Kellin:*he chuckles and nods rapidly* Actually,yes,I do.During the beginning of summer,in June,I had to cut her hair because it was driving her crazy.It was really hot and she wanted me to trim it,so I trimmed her hair.And a few months later,her hair is now past her shoulders.

Kayleigh:Yup,I don't really touch my hair during the winter.But,I'm now 27 years old,I'm at a point now where I'm like..I don't really need to cut my hair anymore or do anything to it.I'll probably stop cutting it and it let it grow as it is.

Bryan:*nods* Either choice you make will be awesome.

Kayleigh:*giggles* Thank you,Bryan.

Bryan:And thank you,for joining us Kellin. *laughs*

Kellin:Thanks for letting me join. *He laughs and nods*

Bryan:I'm Bryan Stars with Kayleigh and Kellin Quinn.

Kayleigh and Kellin: *both smile and wave at the camera*'

Bryan:For all your band news and band updates follow me on twitter and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

~The End~

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