A Girl Named Winter

*Runner up of the Be Inspired By The Christmas Picture Contest*

When Max meets a mysterious girl in the woods, he finds that not only does she change his world, but the world around them as well. The permanent ice age they stand in soon melts away, revealing how Winter met Spring.


5. Springs Awakening

"You look like crap,". Henry blurted out. Max rolled his eyes and pushed past his friend to open his locker door. Henry walked back into his view, shoving himself between Max and his locker door. Henry rolled his eyes and remained silent as he fiddled with his lock, trying to approach the situation a little lighter.

"What happened, I texted you and you didn't answer back,' he said, a little quieter then before. Max sighed and pulled out his phone to, sure enough, find twenty repetitive phrases of "pick up" and capitalized RED ALERT's that Max had said he would answer in any case.

He swore under his breath, trying to remember when even the faintest sound of his alarm caught his attention. He shook off the slight eerie feeling that breezed by him as he was once again reminded of his disturbed sleep and fading dream. "I just didn't sleep well, man. And plus, when do your red alerts actually turn out to be serious anyways?". he murmured pushing him off of his locker door, distracted by the chill that ran down his back. Henry was left with a gaping mouth.

"Dude! it was Alexis James-," the bell cutting him off before Henry could rant like he usually did about the various observations that made him "fall in love" over the period of one week. Max yanked his books out from his locker and patted his deflated friends back before heading towards his class.

The sound of blaring music filled the halls, signaling the last thirty seconds before the late bell rang. Max climbed up the last few stairs of the third floor and turned a sharp corner before losing his balance and hitting the ground, hearing the stomach wrenching sound of a snap. Pain exploded through his right ankle. The sight of his morbidly twisted ankle made his stomach turn and squeeze his eyes closed.

Throwing his head back, he shouted in pain and clutched his ankle. When his gaze returned to his cradled foot, his breath caught in the back of his throat.

Black lines on the back of his hand peeked around the shaking outline of his hand. He turned it around hesitantly, to find veins of black swirling and shiifting around the centre of his palm. The lines crookedly intertwined and disappeared under the cuff of his sweater. He yanked his sleeve up to find even more, branching out and extending all the way up to his bicep. Panicked swelled in his stomach and the eerie feeling now consumed him.

A wave of pain shot through once again from his ankle, grabbing his attention and envoking him to clutch his limb. But as he tightened his grip, a burning sensation bled through his finger tips and into his skin. He quickly retracted his hands, recognizing the feeling that had touched him only hours before him. The ebony snakes cradling his right arm seemed to come alive and pulse with power. He looked back towards his broken ankle and cried out in shock as it sat upright and perfectly symmetrical to his other foot.

The hall seemed to spin around him as emotions nauseated his stomach. The thoughts of Winter raced back to him and dried his crackling throat. What did she do to him? What had he become?

His visioned fuzzed around him before fell to the ground, facing up towards the diminishing sight of the ceiling. One thought slamming into his swirling stomach.

"I am Spring".

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