Emotionally Damaged.

Louis just lost his grandparents. His girlfriend left him for a different man. Fans begin to insult him. And on top of that he's stressed to the max. Louis is emotionally damaged. Until Lela comes into his life and he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


9. 9

Lela P.O.V

That night I couldn't get Louis out of my head. I tossed and turned but every time I closed my eyes his sad face came into view. "Hey, where does Louis live?" I texted Harry without thinking. "With me and the boys. Why?" He texted back. "Can you come pick me up?" He replied with a yes. I have no clue what I am going to do when I get there. He pulled up infront of my house and I ran into the car. "Thanks" I smiled. "Yeah no problem." He have me a cheeky smile. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Harry stare at me. "Louis smiled today. I haven't seen him do that in forever." A smile grew on my face. Good. "He's in his room. Be careful I heard him yelling not that long ago." He pointed out as he held the front door for me. I nodded a thank you and followed Louis's screaming.

Louis P.O.V

"L-Louis?" I heard her stutter. I kept my back to her. Why is she here? I didn't want to say anything. I hurt her out of my frustration. I punched the bag as hard as I could. My knees buckled and I collapsed to the floor. My heart ached. I want Eleanor. Tears rushed down my face. Lela's arms embraced me. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I covered my face with my hands. "It's not your fault." She kissed the top of my head. "Yes! Everything is my fault! I HURT YOU!" I screamed and pushed her away. She stared up at me like I was a monster. I AM a monster. I have no heart. But Lela makes me feel like I was with Eleanor. I think I.... No it's not possible. I can't love this women. I barely know her. "Louis. Nothing is ever your fault. Please, just listen to me." She got up and placed her hand on the back of my neck. Our faces were just inches apart. "Lela..." I began to say. "Kiss me, Louis." She whispered just before she pulled me into a heavy kiss. Our bodies were one. She bit my lip and tugged on my hair. I want more. I growled and shoved her on the bed. She didn't make a sound, she just took off her shirt, and pulled me on top of her. I do love her. She makes me feel wanted. My fingers unbuttoned her pants. She moaned as I slipped my middle finger Inside of her. Her hips grind against me as I fingered her. Her nails dug into my back as she was hitting her high point. I slid my finger out of her just as she was about to cum. She moaned and pushed me down, crawling on top of me. She ran her hands through my hair as she was moving back and forth. She took off her pants and unzipped mine. I groaned as my erection popped out. God I'm so hard. I pulled her down on me. "Ride me." I said just before I slammed myself inside her. My worries and thoughts disappeared as I made love to her.

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