Emotionally Damaged.

Louis just lost his grandparents. His girlfriend left him for a different man. Fans begin to insult him. And on top of that he's stressed to the max. Louis is emotionally damaged. Until Lela comes into his life and he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


8. 8

Lela P.O.V

Tears spring to my eyes as I look after him. What did I do? Pain shot through my hand and I began crying harder as I saw blood drip from my hand. He cut me..I know he didn't mean to but it fucking hurts. My hand felt like it was on fire. I grabbed my car keys and ran outside. Rain soaked me instantly. I slammed the car door behind me and began driving to the hospital.

"You'll be okay, Miss Henway. Just a few stitches is all." The doctor reported to me. I nodded in response and wiped away my tears.

About an hour later they were done with the stitches and I was allowed to go home. I texted Harry to make sure Louis got home okay. After twenty minutes went by he still didn't text me back. "What the hell did I do?!" I started to beat on the dashboard.

Louis P.O.V

I dropped down on my bed. "UGH!" I screamed and threw a cup against the wall. It shattered into a million pieces. Why did I have to do that? She probably hates me now! I can't go back and be apologizing. I need to stay away from her. I'm beginning to like the poor girl. "FUCK!" I yelled again and changed into my workout outfit. I threw every punch hard at the punching bag. Over and over it bounced off my fist. I finally gave in and let the tears fall.

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