Emotionally Damaged.

Louis just lost his grandparents. His girlfriend left him for a different man. Fans begin to insult him. And on top of that he's stressed to the max. Louis is emotionally damaged. Until Lela comes into his life and he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


10. 10

Lela P.O.V

I yawned and stretched. I smiled as my hands came into contact with him. Last night was the best night of my life. "Lela?" I heard him whisper as he turned on his side. "Yes, love?" I snuggled up to him. "Just making sure you're still here." He smiled and pulled me close. "I love you." He said before kissing me. My heart was beating it's way out of my chest. He... Loves me?

Louis P.O.V

I finally told her. I could feel her heart race as she thought about it. I hope I didn't make a mistake. God, what is she gonna do? I began to get worried. "Lela... Say something." She shook her head. "I.. Don't know. Louis, I can't tell what my feelings for you are yet." My whole body just shut down. No, not again. I got dressed and ran Into the kitchen. "Louis, hey. I heard some heavy commotion up in there." Niall winked. I shrugged it off and grabbed a bottle of our strongest wine. "Hey, Louis. What the hell are you doing?" Niall snatched the wine out of my hands. "Why can't I be loved?" I collapsed to my knees in tears. Niall held me and told me that it'll be okay. Lela left and I honestly didn't want to see her again.

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