To Begin Again Will Always Be Hard

*** This uses the physical body of Harry Styles but is not a full blown fan fiction ***


1. Best Friends Don't Do This

"How could you? Why Would you do that? Answer me!" I screamed, screamed as loud as I could but she just stood there. Her face barely showing any emotion. What I could tell though, that emotion was neither regret nor remorse. She was not sorry.

Shaking my head in disappointment I grabbed my phone and purse and left the apartment, slamming the door behind me. Once in the lobby I built up the courage to walk outside. It was snowing and stupidly, I had left mu coat upstairs. There was no way I was going back up there and seeing her. I took a deep breath and walked outside, my heels not even making a sound as I stepped onto the already snow covered street. The chill hit almost instantly. I was wearing a long sleeved dress that did nothing to stop the cold and thigh high boots  with stockings. . . admittedly they helped a bit. I was still freezing though. Right then and there I decided I would go and buy a new coat.

My phone buzzed and a picture of my, now, ex-best friend's face popped up. Decline. Less than two seconds later, it was back. Decline. I knew she wouldn't give up so I turned it off and put it in my purse. Wrapping my arms around myself to try and keep warm, I made my way down the semi busy streets. I was walking with my head down but I shouldn't have been as it resulted in me running into somebody. My head hit their lower rib cage and I gasped, falling back a little, but he caught my arm and held me up.


"I am so sorry sir! I wasn't watching where I was going, I know I should've been but it's just so cold and I can't go home and-" his hand was over my mouth, cutting me off as I tried desperately to apologise. Once he was certain I wouldn't continue he took off his jacket and handed it to me.

"Oh, no sir, I can't. It woul-" Once again. Hand over mouth.

"Take it, just for a bit. I know a place where I can get you an actual girls jacket," his voice rung in my ears. It was deep, deeper and more attractive than any man's voice I had ever heard. I could feel my cheeks burning.

"What? No, I can't let you do that," I said, a little flustered.

"Ypu look like you're having a very bad day. Let me do this for you," He said, pushing the jacket into my hands again. I saw a few of his curls fall in front of his face as he looked down at me.

I took the jacket and put it on. It was much too big. The sleeves fell much past my fingers and hung past the end of my dress. I heard him chuckle and looked up to see the most dazzling smile and his green eyes sparkling.

"Are your ribs okay?" He gave me a confused look. "I hit my head against your rib. It hurt my head, I assumed it would have hurt you too then and was wondering if you were okay?"

"Oh, I didn't even really feel it," he said, his dazzling grin appearing on his face again. I felt the blush creeping up to my cheeks again.

"Samantha," I said, extending my hand.

"Mystery man," He winked, shaking my hand. I felt almost like an electric jolt had just ran through me and my eyes widened. "Come one Samantha, lets go get you that jacket."


"It's beautiful!" I squealed, jumping up and hugging him, caught up in the moment.

He was shocked, to say the least. He fell back a little but after a second he wrapped his arms around me too and lifted me up.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I said, after he put me down. "This is definitely the bestest and nicest thing anybody has ever done for me."

"My pleasure Samantha. It  suits you and you definitely deserve it." He began to walk out the door.

"Wait!" He stopped and turned to look at me. "Umm. . ." I giggled nervously. "Do you wanna be my friend?"

"I thought we already were?" he said, winking.

"Are you busy?"

"No. . . Why?" he asked suspiciously.

"Help me find a hotel?"

"I know just the place," he said, winking and taking my hand.


A/N This is short, I am aware but  I simply started this during the time i had after finishing an exam

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