To Begin Again Will Always Be Hard

*** This uses the physical body of Harry Styles but is not a full blown fan fiction ***


5. A job

"Harry?!" I yelled from my room.

Harry was in my room pretty quickly, shirtless I might add. His abs were there but, only just. I could tell that he worked out but I don't believe he worked out to often.

"Can I use the bathroom?" He nodded. " Can I borrow a towel?" Harry sprinted out the door to return only a minute later with a big, fluffy, red towel. "Thanks!"

I grabbed the towel and walked I to the joint bathroom. The walls in the bathroom were the only ones that were different. They were a simple light grey colour, navy blue tiles running a third of the way up the wall, level with the bath. It looked sophisticated but yet, I was still amazed at how stunning it was. I hadn't planned on taking a bath before but the bathtub was massive. It even had settings on a small panel on the wall. I turned on the knobs on the tub and walked back into my room while it filled.

Today I'm going to try and find a job. I didn't have to have one before. Jemma always paid rent and Lukas bought me basically anything I wanted. They were both from very rich families and me, not so much. So I need to earn my keep here with Harry.

It took a while to find the outfit I was looking for, having to look through my suitcases instead of cupboards and draws and constantly having to run and make sure the bath didn't overflow. Eventually though I found my favourite top, my blue military inspired corset. I paired that with my black Rag and Bone RBW23 shorts and my velvet and lace Sugar Free Shoes.

My bath was amazing and I relished in it for almost half an hour before I remebered I had to go out but I got out grudgingly. I walked into my room, ready to get dressed and ready for the day.

I put on my favourite set of lingerie and took the straps off my bra. Shimmying into my shorts I heard my door open.

"Sam, can I bor- Oh my gosh!" he yelled, covering his eyes. "I'm so sorry. Please come and find me once you're dressed," then he was gone, shutting the door behind him.

I put on my corset and my shoes quickly. Next was accessories, that was my favourite part. It could turn a girly dress into a skater girl look. It could even turn something elegant and classy to goth and 'emo'. First I put in my vampire skull studs, then changed out my bright pink lip ring for a classic silver one, put on a two-finger matte black cross ring, a black diamond serpent ring and one of my favourite pairs of Shadow and Mirth corset arm warmers in black and bright royal blue.

I put on my foundation then went out to talk to Harry. It needed to dry properly before I could do anything else with my make-up anyway.

"Enjoy the view?" I said, winking at Harry as I sat down on a stool the opposite side of the breakfast bar. He was currently making- well trying tp make- waffles and burning bacon.

"I am so sorry Sam! I thought you were still laying in bed, I should've knocked. I promise I will next time and-" Harry babbled before I slapped my hand over his mouth.

"I don't really care that much Harry. I really needa think of something I can call you other than Harry," I mulled over in my head nicknames for Harry.

"Hazza? Haz?" He suggested.

"Hmm. . . I will contemplate this conundrum later," I said, putting on my glasses for added nerd effect. I usually wear contacts but I hadn't put them in yet. "HARRY! The bacon!"

I rushed over and turned the stove down, flipping the bacon with a pair nearby tongs. Harry placed his arms above my hips before he quickly lifted me up and walked me out of the kitchen and placed my feet on the ground around three metres away.

"Hey!" I accused grumpily. Harry's chuckle filled the room.

"You're so cute when you pout. Anyway, let me make breakfast, my treat.

"Yeah, if I don't die," I mumbled. Then I laughed at my own comment.

Breakfast turned out to not be to bad. The waffles were pretty good and the bacon was more crispy than burnt.

"Where are you getting dressed up to go?" Harry inquired as I cleaned up the dishes.

"I'm going to find a job so I can earn my keep. I never needed one before," I commented, realising just how spoiled I sounded.

Harry and I conversed for only a short while before I went back into my room to continue getting ready.

First I powdered my face, then put on a small amount of bronzer. I brushed my teeth and quickly ran my toothbrush over my lips to buff the dead skin off. I put on a pink tinted Baby Lips lip balm and then began work on my eyes. I put liquid liner on my top lash line, pencil liner on my upper and lower water line and my lower lash line. Then I put a dark brown shade of eye shadow up to and in my crease. I applied multiple different mascaras until I was finally happy with the now long and voluminous lashes. I checked myself out in the floor length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and smiled back at my reflection. I had already checked the weather forecast, as it was snowing, unusual for this time of year, a few days ago. It should be not too cold and not too hot, but as a precaution I grabbed the coat that Harry bought me. It surprisingly seemed to work with any outfit so far.

I grabbed my phone from my charger, shoved it into my pocket and skipped happily into the main room where Harry, as usual it appeared, was watching tv.

"How do I look?" I asked.

"Great," Harry replied, not even looking over his shoulder at me.

"Harry!" I grumbled, walking over and standing in front of the incredibly large tv. I saw his eyes rake over me until they finally rested on my eyes.

"You look. . ." Harry fumbled for a word, and I blushed looking down. "You look absolutely, drop dead stunning. Even more beautiful than the first time we met."

I giggled and thanked him before giving him my mobile number and leaving to find a job somewhere in the nearby vicinity.

When I walked out the front door this time, I was surprised to be greeted by a door man. I had a short conversation with him. His name is Jerry, he has a wife and one child, a little African boy that he and his wife adopted. He was so sweet and even gave me directions to the closest place to go shopping.

I was a real shopper girl so what better place to work than in retail? I knew my way with fashion and I hoped, fingers crossed, that well, you know, I got a job in the area. I don't have a resume though. . . I think that would have come in handy but I'm just going to have to improvise.

I walked into the huge mall. I had been here before. Harry and I only lived about 10 blocks apart so, this was the mall that I usually came to. I walked around the mall until, on the third story, I found a clothing store, with a hiring sign out the front. There were help wanted signs at a few other places, like fast food 'restaurants', but this job, was the lower end of what I was born to do.

I walked into the store and fell in love with the first few items I saw.

"How may I help you?" a middle aged woman asked, walking up to me.

"I would like to apply for a job here? Is that the right thing to ask? I'm so sorry, I've never gotten a job before. I usually do volunteer work but now I need a job for-" I cut myself off. "You don't care. Okay. Well, how do I get the job?"

"Okay. So I'm going to need you're resume and then I need you to fill out a short form then the manager will contact you within the week if you get the job," she explained, putting a lot of emphasis on the word if.I rolled my eyes but kept my smile in tact and my voice sweet.

"Yeah, I don't have a resume? Is there anyway I can just discuss it with the manager?"


"Madam, why are you saying no to a customer?" a young lady asked, walking into the store from a door at the back.

To say that the women was stunning would be an understatement. Her clothes were perfect. The perfect match of colours, clinging in all the right spots and she was showing just enough skin to be daring. She walked towards us with grace although her heels, stilettos mind you, were around five to six inches. Not only that, but she was beautiful and her make-up was perfect. As she neared us, I saw a badge pinned to her shirt.

'Hayden, Manger'

"Oh, sorry mam. This young lady wanted to apply for the position but she does not have a resume and asked if she could just talk to you," the lady explained calmly to Hayden.

"Oh my. Well, come along then. I might as well just have a quick chat with you," Hayden said over her shoulder as she began to walk back to the door she had appeared from.

I followed her into her office. Her office was simple and sophisticated yet there were small bursts of colour to it. Her walls were a soft beige and the carpet was white along with desk. The revolving desk chair was black but on the desk there was a bright pink stapler, a neon yellow tape dispenser and a bright blue paper weight. Similar small things scoured the room. Hayden brought a neon green chair over from the back corner and placed it in front of her desk and motioned for me to take a seat while she relaxed back into her own chair opposite me.

She asked me a few questions. What experience I had. None. Why did I want the job? I need money and I love fashion. Questions all similar to this. Then, she led me out of the office and into the store where there were now an assortment of shoppers. Teens and adults, high class looking and goth. Hayden took me around to a couple and asked me to give them advice, guess their sizing's and see if I could find them the perfect outfit. I did pretty well, I was definitely best at finding good outfits. Sizing was a little different. I couldn't even size myself properly.

All in all, Hayden was pleasantly surprised with my knowledge of fashion and such. She gave me the job straight up but, as I am only 19, asked me if I would be interested in attending a fashion course at college. Not full time obviously, but enough so I could do both. I agreed pretty quickly to that, as I had been thinking of it, but being told that the business would pay for it was a major bonus. I start work in two days.

I actually skipped all the way home in my wedges because I was just that happy. I applied for one job and I got it, without even having a resume.

"Harry! Open up! Please!" I begged, knocking on the door. I could here the TV running and knew he was still home. "HARRY!"

"Oh, deary. Please stop. I have seen many girls at his door, he's not going to answer," the lady across the hall said, her head popping out of the doorway.

"Excuse me? I'm sorry. I know you're supposed to 'respect your elders'," I said, putting air quotes around the saying. "But I am not some floozy that slept with the goofball in that apartment. I live here now, with him. So I would much prefer helpful comments instead of comments that just imply that I am something I am not presumably because of my clothing choices. I am a smart, independent women and the only reason I am staying here is because he so kindly offered and it is close to my work and hopefully, he will drive me to college," I ranted, putting emphasis on the word college.

To say the lady was stunned was an understatement. Instead of replying she just ducked back into her apartment, leaving the door open. She returned less than a minute later with a key. She unlocked the door but held it shut.

"I'm sorry dear. He has probably just fallen asleep. Best to get yourself a key," then she returned to her own apartment.

Sure enough, walking through the door I could see Harry splayed across the couch, the TV blaring at full volume. I picked up the remote and first turned it down and then off. Then I sat over the top of Harry and looked down at him while he was sleeping. Next I began to run my nails up his sides, softly, underneath his shirt. His eyelids fluttered open to reveal his, terrified, green eyes.

"I GOT A JOB!" I yelled excitedly, my smile almost bigger than my entire face.

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