Northbridge University [Frat Boy Niall]

Northbridge University. The notorious party college. Everyone wants to go there. Everyone except Clover Frost. She hates partying, drinking and everything involving sex. When her parents tell her that she has to go to the college known for parties, and she has no other choice but to go, what will she do? What happens when her room mate is none other than her high school bully, Niall Horan?


1. Prologue

The last day before summer break was always fun. For other students, that is. It may come as a surprise to some, but I love school. My school is the best in the county, in the state even. I've known my best friend Alyssa Clifton for 13 years. We've been so close, and she's helped me through so much. 


I was ripped out of my thoughts by a wet spit ball hitting me in the back of the neck. I cringed as I took it off. I looked at where it may have come from, and I saw my enemy, Niall Horan. He was chuckling with his clique: Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. They were the 'hottest boys in school' according to literally all of the girls in school. Even my best friend thought Niall was cute. I despised them all. All they did was pick on me, and I tried to get out of it by transferring, but my parents were having none of it. "You're in the best school in the state!" they said. "You can't just leave!" And they were right. I wasn't going to let five idiots ruin my time at Bluemont High. 

Another spitball hit me. This time, in the face. It hit my cheek, making me almost throw up my lunch. I peeled the wet tissue off of my face, and walked up to the teacher's desk. 

"Excuse me? May I go to the bathroom?" I asked. 

The teacher looked up at me and nodded. "Are you okay Clover?" She asked me. I nodded, faking a smile. I wasn't going to tell her that Niall and his ass- I mean, idiot friends were ruining my day. 

I walked down into the girl's bathroom, and washed my face off. "What's up, Clover?" I heard someone ask me. I looked at them as I washed my hands. "Oh, hey Ally." I greeted the cheer captian. "Why are you washing your face?" Ally asked me. "Niall." I said simply. Harry was her boyfriend, and she was so sweet to me. "I don't understand why they do that shit to you." She said as I ripped a piece of paper towel from the dispenser. I shrugged. "It doesn't matter. We graduate tomorrow, so I'm not gonna have to deal with him anymore." I said, cracking a slight smile. "Yeah, that's true." Ally said. We both smiled at each other and then left. I walked back to the classroom and sat back down in my seat. 

I smiled as the last bell rang. I packed all of my things into my schoolbag and slowly walked out of the room. Niall and his buddies were already gone; that was a good sign. 

I made my way to my car. I had started driving as soon as I turned 16. I was now 17, and driving a black mustang. I quickly got into my car and drove home. I still lived with my parents, and they wanted me to live with them up until my first day of college. 

I walked into the house and was greeted by my little cousin Connor; his two front teeth still missing from when he fell out the front door. He was the cutest little thing. "Hi Clover!" He yelled as he jumped into my arms for a hug. I hugged him tightly. "Hey Connor!" I said smiling. "Jen and Connor were going to help you decorate your dorm when you graduated." My mother said smiling. I smiled brightly. "That sounds amazing!" I said. 

"We got a letter from Northbridge saying what your classes are and who your room mate is." My mom said smiling as she handed me a sealed envelope. I carefully opened it, and read what it said. It explained what my classes were, where they were, and who was teaching them. At the end of the letter it had one last sentence: 

Your room mate is Niall Horan.

I looked at it with a gaping mouth. "Uh, mom, are you sure you want me to go to Northbridge?" I asked. My mom looked at me. "Yes. It's the best college in the state." She said firmly. We've had this conversation before. No. Switching. Colleges. My mom made me put an application in for the stupid college, and I knew I was going to get in. My mom looked at me. "You're going and that's final." She said as Connor pulled her into the kitchen for a snack. 

Oh great. I'll be shocked if I get out of the first semester of college alive. 


Hey guys! Thank you for reading this! Please tell me how you like it! If you don't, please tell me why. This idea was stuck in my head for so long, I just couldn't get it out into writing. 

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