Just Bestfriends

This is a Justin Bieber story


5. ch 5

-------the nurse said u could leave so u guys are all in the car-----

YN: so u guys can drop me off at my house and do whatever u want

----------everyone looks at u like u are crazy-----

Yn: wht???

YBFN: u really think that we are going to leave u at home by urself.

YN: uhh yea

Ryan: we wanted to have a sleepover

Yn: with who

Ybfn:all of us

Yn: Justin to

Chaz: u forgave him didn't u

Yn: no

Chaz:oh well thats awkward

Yn: i mean u guys can have it without me

Ybfn: then it wont be fun

Yn: yea jt will we can facetime

Ryan: no yn ur going to sleepover

Yn:who's house

Justin: mine

Yn: ha!! Im definitely staying home Chaz drop me off

Chaz: no

Yn: I will roll out this car

Chaz: ok ok ill drop u off

Yn: thank you

-------------ur about to leave----------

Yn: by Bestfriends-winks-


Yn: bye Justin

Justin: bye hey we need to talk.

Yn: ummmm ok just call me


---------3minutes later----

Yn pov:

My phone rings and its justin.

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