Just Bestfriends

This is a Justin Bieber story


3. Ch 3



When I woke up I heard sniffing noises and people talking. I tried to move my arm so that I could get up but a LOT of pain shot through my body. I just decided to lay down and see what people where saying.call me noisy idc!

YBFN: It all your fault you rat ass looking bitch

Selena: It was an accident-fake crying-

Chaz: stop fake crying we all know you did it on purpose because u hate her because Justin is always talking and focusing on her am I right on am I right

Selena: Justin how are u letting them talk to me like that

Justin: -whispers- Leave me the fuck alone- sniffs-


YBFN;I swear to god Justin you better get your girlfriend I will cut her foot off and slap with it.

Ryan: guys we all know arguing isn't going to help YN

YBFN: i don't care Slutena needs to know that she better not mess with me or my best friend.

Selena: god stop calling me that--runs out he room-

Chaz: aren't u gonna go run after her and leave us here like u usually do .

Justin:-sighs- look guys i know u probably hate me but I love her.- leaves-


It really hurt when he said he loved her and the fact that he left he loves her more than us.Im slowly starting to hate Justin. I just decided to wake up.

Yn: hey guys- sitting up--

Chaz: YN!!wats up babygirl how are u

Yn: im ok

Ryan: o my god I was so worried

YBFN: YNNN!! OMG i was about to kill a bitch

Yn: Im ok guys, Justin or Selena didn't come did they. --- i tried to act like I was clueless--

Ryan: lets not worry about them we are SWAGGY PAL FOR LIFE without Justin

Justin and Selena walk in

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