My Secret

Gig isn't an ordinary girl. She is a bit different. So are 2 of her best friends. What happens when she meets this boy. Will her secret stay a secret or will it slip out?


4. What?

Fizzy's POV

We got to the woods right in front of our house. I got this feeling in side of me and suddenly i knew Gig wasn't here alone.

"Stay here! Ok?" I said to Louis and Harry.

"But-" Louis started.

"Stay here!" I said again and run inside the woods. When I was sure the boys coulnd't see me I sprinted with my vampire speed until I saw Gig being hold by her neck onto a tree. I saw the person who was holding her.....JACOB!! I ran over to them and pushed Jacob of making him drop Gig.

"Shit!" He mumbled. I saw Gig she was on the floor. She wasn't moving but she was still breathin.

"Well well well...look who came to get her little friend" He said getting up and coming closer to me.

Louis POV

We waited about 20 minutes and went into the forest. We ran and ran until we got to were we saw Fizzy looking at a guy that was on the floor. The guy got up and got closer too Fizzy.

"What are you gonna do you pathetic human?" He said and Fizzy laughed.

"You don't know anything don't you?" She said and started to go around him. "She never told you didn't she?" She continued. Then Amy came and ran to Gig and started to help her.

"You stupid pice of shit!!" Amy screamed at the guy. Wow I've never seen Amy so angry.

"Shut up bitch!" He growled and Amy.

"Don't worry Ams...I've got this under control" Fizzy said and her eyes started to get red.

"Shit!" The guy mumbled.

"Now...are you sure I'm a 'pathetic human'?" Fizzy said and then she opened her mouth a d fangs came out her mouth. I looked ofer at Harry and he was as shocked as me. The guy ran off and Fizzy turned around and saw us. Shit. We're dead!



Soo what do you think? What will Fizzy do to the poor boys after she told then to stay of the woods? Will Gig be ok? Eill Jacob come back?

Comment telling me whta you think?

Love you all thanks for reading!!


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