My Secret

Gig isn't an ordinary girl. She is a bit different. So are 2 of her best friends. What happens when she meets this boy. Will her secret stay a secret or will it slip out?


9. Take care


I ran as fast as I could to my dads house. It was starting to get dark. No one was out. I was scared, not for me, but for Rosemarie. I got to the house and i didn't se him. I entered and ran to her room.

"Gig!" She shouted and ran to my arms.

"Hey R, we are leaving this place." I said and started putting the necesry things in her bag. I ran out of the house and saw a shadow. Shit! I made a spell that teleported us to my house. I staerted knoking on the door as the cold air rushed though my face.

"Coming!!" Fizzy shouted.

"GIG!!" Andy shouted and opened the door and jugged me and R started shouting.

"Hey hey hey, its ok, its just my friends." I said and jugged her. We entered the house and she so Fizzy and went nuts. She loves Fizzy.

"Um Fiz," I said as I gave her R, "I need you to take care of her cuz I need to go."

"Why?" She asked.

"Cuz Jacob is after me. Bye love you all!" I said and dispered to a place far from my house. Ok lets see...umm. A run down cinema I can hide in there for a while. Ummm, Oh look a club I can get a job there. And a mall, well let go to the mall to buy cloths.

A/n Im so so so sorry i had the final exams and a lot of school problems and shit so yeah sorry.

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