My Secret

Gig isn't an ordinary girl. She is a bit different. So are 2 of her best friends. What happens when she meets this boy. Will her secret stay a secret or will it slip out?


6. Powers


I walked up to Gig. "You ok?" I asked and she looked up at me.

"What happened?" She asked as she sat up and rested her back on the tree behind her.

"You've got you'r powers!!" I cheered and started jumping around. She got up so quick.

"Really!" She screamed in exaitment.

"Yes!" I screamed and just then Fizzy came running and hugged Gig. I turned around and saw Louis and Harry TERRIFIED! I laughed and walked over to them.

"W-w-what was that?" Louis asked with his eyes wide open.

"C'mon i'll let her explain!" I said as i pulled them both to where Fizzy and Gig where. Fizzy looked at Harry and then at the ground.

"C-can we talk?" She whispered as she rouse her head. Harry nodded slowly and they both walked away from us.

Fizzy POV

"I guess you don't want to be with me anymore?" I said shaking. I have never been so nervous about a guy. I guess i was really in love with Harry.

"Rubbish!" He shouted and looked over at me. "I dont care that you're a..a.."

"Vampire" I finish for him.

"Yeah i don't care that you're a vampire Fiz! I love you for who YOU are and if that means that you're a vampire well..ha..IM IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE!" He said, the last part a bit to loud. I looked up at him and saw his beautiful light blue-green eyes. He put his hands on my cheeks and cupped my face. "And i wouldn't have it any other way" and with that he connected our lips together.


I sighed as Amy left and i was alone with Louis. "Well..i'm a witch" I said looking at any other place but his eyes. His beautiful, lovable green eyes...snap out off it Gig.

"Gig I.." He sighed and looked at my eyes making me look at his. He got closer and now was looking down at me. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I..I..I...I don't know!" I said and looked at the ground breaking eye contact. He put his fingers under my chin and moved my head up so i could look at him againg.

"Were you afraid?" He asked. I swear this guys knows me better than..well ME. I nodded slowly and he chuckled. I felt my cheeks het up and i knew i was blushing. "Were you afraid that i wouldn't like you?"

A/n hey guys sorry I haven't been updating that much i just was short of ideas. Soo guys i any of you have any ideas please comment them cuz Im stuck and I need help! XP

Love ya guys thanx for reading!-Gabi

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