My Secret

Gig isn't an ordinary girl. She is a bit different. So are 2 of her best friends. What happens when she meets this boy. Will her secret stay a secret or will it slip out?


1. Power night


I walked into the Tomlinson's house with one of my best friends Lottie.

"Ohh Gig, I forgot to tell you that my brother is visiting." Lottie said.

"Ohh Louis is here?" I said as i looked down at my arm. Its tonight. I watched the small eye tattoo in my arm. Yep its glowing. I shouldn't be here.

"I need to go Lots." I said covering my glowing eye tattoo. I walked out of the house, my head pounding. I got on my motorcycle and drove off. The pounding continued for 5 minutes and the trance was completed.

'It's haunting time!' I said to myself as i entered the club. I feed on some great memories and left. I drove back to mine, Fizzy's, and Amy's flat. When I entered I saw Fizzy hiding her fangs and Amy staring at the wall with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands.

"Soo, had a good night?" Fizzy asked.

"Yeah! You?" I asked.

"Awesome!" She said with a huge grin on her face.

"Umm whats wrong Amy?" I asked and she came back to reality.

"Vision?" Fizzy asked.

"Yeah, and your going to be in big trouble!" She said pointing at me. I ground and sat on the been bag next to the christmas tree.

"When is she not?!" Fizzy said and they both laughed.

"Hey guys you know i can hear you!" I said and they just laughed more. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs and went to bed.

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