My Secret

Gig isn't an ordinary girl. She is a bit different. So are 2 of her best friends. What happens when she meets this boy. Will her secret stay a secret or will it slip out?


2. A little about us

Gig's POV

Well let me tell you who we are and WHAT we are. Well one of my best friends, is Fizzy, she's a vampire. She has always been since she was born. My other best friend, Amy, she's a human, but she gets visions of her closest friends and loved ones...and then theres me. Im a witch..well almost. See I haven't got my complete powers yet. Thats why i get those power nights. Thats our weird things.


I walked out of my room and sat down in the middle of Fizzy and Amy.

"Morning sleepy head!" Said Fizzy.

"Morning Fi!" I said and put my head on her lap. She started shaking her thighs trying to get me to get up.

"Get off!!!"she screamed and I just laughed and got up.

"You too are messed up!" Amy said.

"Oh-uh!!" Fizzy and I complained in unison. Amy just laughed.

"I'm going to Starbucks!" I said.

"Kk!" They both said. I went outside and into my white Porsche. I drove to Starbucks and got out and went inside. I got to the line and when i got to the line i saw the person that was right in front of me.

"Ohh hi gig!" Louis said, "what happened to you yesterday?"

"Umm just some family problems." I said.

"Louis tomlinson!" The woman behind the counter said.

"Well i'll guess i'll see you." I said.

"See you babe." He said and left. A minute after my name was called. I got my coffee and drove off. When i was in my car i got a text from Lottie.

'Wanna come over? I wanna talk to you-SUPERMAN LOU'

'Sure! Be there in 10!' I texted him and put my phone in my back pocket.

•••skipping car ride•••

When I got to the Tomlinson's house I got out of my car and knocked on the door. The door opened and I walked in.

'Hey Lou-' i started but cut off by Louis pressing his lips on mine.

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