Santa's Workshop Of Too Much..... WORK!!!!

Two kids, Luke and Caroline, get a free trip to the North Pole to visit Mr. Santa Claus!!! But then they get lost in the Winter Woods and can't seem to find their way to Santa's Workshop. What dangers will they face? What experiences will they have together? What will they face when they get to the workshop?
Seems like all fun and games in the movies at Santa's Workshop, but find out if its the same in The Real World!!!
Written and Created by: @Styler123���� & @(Luke J.R)
Cover created by: @(Luke J.R)


6. ☁Twelve Days Of Christmas☁ (Styler123💖💖)

*Next Day* 

Luke and Caroline both got home after school. With the adrenaline still running through their veins about the exciting fact that they are going to meet their favorite person known to mankind. It was literally like opening their presents on Christmas Day. The same rush of excitement only more exciting. 

Caroline walked out of the bathroom. She snuck behind her mother and tried to steal a cookie. Their mother saw her hand and smacked it away. 

Caroline jumped and rubbed her hand. "Mummy I want a cookie!" She said. 

"No cookies until after dinner." The mother replied. "Go do your homework." 

Caroline walked out of the kitchen and ran up to her and Luke's room. She saw that Luke wasn't there and hopped up on her bed. 

She grabbed her walkie talkie. "Caroline to Luke, Caroline to Luke." She spoke in. But there was no reply. So she tried again. 

"Luke to Caroline." He responded. 

"Where are you? Over?" She asked.

"Lion's den, over." He answered. 

And with that she jumped down from her bed and walked upstairs to the lions den. She quietly crawled in as Luke was reading the letter again.

"Are you trying to figure it out?" She asked. 

He jumped when she spoke and looked back at her. "Yeh, I can't figure it out." He scooted over to give Caroline some room. 

She took up the space and looked at the letter. "Me neither. I mean what can we find in the Christmas factory that will help us?" 

"I don't know. All they sell is Christmas decorations. There not even any secret spy stuff to sell there so how are we going to find what we need?" Luke said sadly.

"I don't know." Caroline responded with a frown.

"Should we ask mummy to help us out?" He suggested. 

She looked at him. "Luke, mummy hates me right now." She frowned rubbing her hand." 

"Then how else are we going to figure it out?" Luke asked. 

Caroline thought for a moment and rolled her eyes. "Fine." 

Her and Luke got up. Luke left the letter behind. They went downstairs to their mother. 

"Mummy." Luke said. 

Their mother turned around. "Yes?" She responded in a question as she was drying her hands with the towel.

"Can we ask you something?" Luke asked. 

"Of course." She answered squatting down in front of them. 

"Mummy what countdown has items in it that we hear everyday and is about Christmas?" Caroline asked. 

Their mother laughed softly. "Where is this question coming from?" She asked. 

Caroline responded. "We got a letter from Santa inviting us to go see him for Christmas! He said it was really serious." Luke nodded. 

Their mother smiled standing up and thought for a minute. Then she sang. "On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree." 

Caroline and Luke gasped. "OH YEAH!!!!" They said in sync.

Their mother laughed as they hugged her. 

"Thank you mummy." Caroline said.

"Thank you." Luke said. 

They both ran back up to the lion's den and started making a list of the things they needed to get from the Christmas factory when they get there. The adrenaline pushed harder as the days were yet to come. As if the excitement of Christmas and presents wasn't enough. That night they could not sleep, but when they did, they slept with a smile on their faces. 

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