Santa's Workshop Of Too Much..... WORK!!!!

Two kids, Luke and Caroline, get a free trip to the North Pole to visit Mr. Santa Claus!!! But then they get lost in the Winter Woods and can't seem to find their way to Santa's Workshop. What dangers will they face? What experiences will they have together? What will they face when they get to the workshop?
Seems like all fun and games in the movies at Santa's Workshop, but find out if its the same in The Real World!!!
Written and Created by: @Styler123���� & @(Luke J.R)
Cover created by: @(Luke J.R)


5. ❄Come Home For Christmas❄ (Styler123💖💖)

The children arrived to school and spent their day in curiosity. They both sat in the back corner of their classes. And although many asked why, they would not speak the truth. Their excuses were childish but believable. One silly one from Caroline that stuck for the day was 

"Luke has an infectious disease. But shhhhh, we don't want anyone to know. The black oose will spread if it is spoken of." 

And with that every teacher backed away slowly. No one asked if he should go home. For they knew how persistant Luke was. Came to school no matter what. He loved to read, and learn the new things in life. Enjoyed the pride in wanting to come to school. Caroline loved that about him. Although they were brother and sister they had a strong friendship. And they'd go through anything and everything for and with each other. 
When it came to lunch, Caroline and Luke sat away from their friends. As if they had any. All the kids thought they were weird with their beliefs. 
But they didn't mind. As long as they had each other they were okay. 

Luke pulled out the letter and they opened it. "Should we open it?" Luke asked. 

"Of course we should open it it was send to our house wasn't it?" Caroline said excitedly in a whisper. 

"Yes, but its not our address." Luke said. 

Caroline smiled. "That's not our fault is it?" 

Luke smiled and opened the envelope quietly while Caroline looked around to make sure no one was watching. "Wow, his handwriting is so fancy! I wanna write like this one day!" Luke said excitedly. 

"PSH! C'mon what does it say mate!?" Caroline looked down at the paper. 

They both read the letter.

'Dear my young child,
 It has been so long and I cannot wait to see you again. We are really low on our progress. We need you to help. 
I know you and I have had our difficulties. But I am sure that you will be glad to come back. I'm sorry I've had to put you in this situation for so long. But we need you now. Please come by to the Christmas factory that opens up at midnight. Where the night breaks into dawn. 6 days before our holiday. Make sure to keep your count. 
When you walk into the Christmas factory, think of the almighty countdown. Look for the items that relate to this countdown. Full of excitement and it's something you will hear everywhere all day and night. And do not lose your light. If you lose your light, our night will not be the tis meant to be. Keep your light as strongas it meant to be. 

And you will find your way to me. Remember that bell? 



Caroline looked at the paper with wide eyes. She looked at Luke who was shocked as well. She pulled out the bell from her pocket and looked at it with a pause. Then she looked at Luke again who was gazing at it. "Does the bell look familiar to you Luke?" She asked.

He stared at it for a while. "No, not at all." He said quietly. 

Caroline smiled. "Do you know what this means?" 

Luke smiled back. "What?" 

"We're going to meet Santa Claus!" She whispered excitedly.

Luke smiled and they both high fived. Then they continued their day with the biggest of smiles. For they were excited to see what Santa had for them in the North Pole. The time is yet to come.

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